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I have just purchased a Panasonic TH-37PE50B and connected it to my Pioneer DVR-420H DVD Recorder.
Both claim to support Q-Link. I have set the Pany Q-Link to AV3 and tried all output options but it is currently set to "Monitor (Screen Display)".
I have set the Pioneer DVD on AV2/L1 in to Video, and have a fully wired Scart lead between the two but they won't talk to each other.

Can anyone tell me if they should talk to each other and if so what setting do each of them need. It would be great if the Q-Link system worked.

Incidentally I am very happy with both these items but the icing on the cake would be if they worked together.




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I now suspect that there is more than one pin configuration for fully wired SCART leads. Does anybody know what the pin configuration required to support Q-Link is? The lead I am using has a crossover between pin 17 and 18. The universal pin configuration in the maplin book shows 17-17 and 18 -18. could this be my problem. Anybody know?


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I've got this working on AV3 to a Panasonic DMR ES10. It works perfectly using the "Direct TV Record" button on the TV remote or setting timer events, also on the TV. I'm using IXOS XHT601 SCARTS but sorry, I don't know what the pin configuration is. There is some information in the back of the Panasonic manual (p45) though.



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I have bought new SCART leads just in case they were causing the problem, the Q-Link lead is fully wired and pin 10 (Data) is connected but still no action.
I have Emailed both Panasonic and Pioneer for advice but have not received a reply.
I now suspect that it simply does not work when you mix different manufacturers. Unless anyone can tell me differently I have abandon hope of Q-Link with my current kit.


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Well guys, I think I have got it working with your help ! Let me tell you what I have done.

I have used AV1 from the recorder into AV3 of the TV (Q-Link compatible), when put into AV2 of the TV I got black and white picture only.

and AV2/L1 from the recorder to AV2 of the TV (Q-Link compatible).

Q-Link is set to AV2 of the TV.

The recorder now switches on the TV, great.
The recorder has to be set to anticipate a signal from the TV over AV2/L1, and then when the TV switches on the recorder fires up, great.

Direct record works ok also.

The only outstanding issue I have is that when I set the DVB timer on the TV nothing sets the recorder off, but neither does the TV start up. But in this state when I switch on the TV the recorder starts to record. Maybe there is more than one way to set the TV timer.

Anyway I am much happier now, and thanks to this forum and dogged determination I have made some progress.

Still no response from Pioneer or Panasonic!

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