Q Acoutics 1010i Cinema Package vs Jamo S 606 HCS 3 Home Cinema


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Jan 20, 2010
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Hi everybody… I'm kind of a newbie, so I drop this question that might be discussed already !

I’m buying my first nice home cinema.
I’ve already bought the receiver: Denon AVR-1910, but I haven’t decided yet which speakers I’ll buy, although, I was going for the Q Acoutics 1010i Cinema Package, but I recently saw the Jamo S 606 HCS 3 Home Cinema Systems.

I would like to know if somebody could help me out.

I’ve been able to try only the Q Acoustics, the Jamo S 606 was not available for testing. I’ve loved how the Q Acoustics sounded!

Q Acoutics 1010i Cinema Package is composed by ( 1010i Cinema - Q Acoustics 1000i Series 1010i Cinema Package 5.1 Cinema Package. "The Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 system ... ): 4 x 1010i speakers for front left and right, as well as both rear channels, 1 x 1000Ci centre channel and 1 x 1000Si Subwoofer. Here in France it costs 600 euros. I’ve seen on the net in several sites that Q Acoustics has been awarded several times.

Jamo S 606 HCS 3 system (S 606 HCS 3 Home Cinema Systems - Description )comprises 2 x S 606 towers, 1 x S 60 central and 2 x S 602 satellites. The price in France is 400 euros. One of the advantages I see on the Jamo system is that you do not have an extra box, for the Subwoofer, it’s integrated on the towers.

A guy in the store told me that the Jamo system is less “precise”, and that the sound quality is better on the Q Acoustics. Some other guy, told me that considering the room I have (10 m2, which is a portion of a L-shaped living-room), both systems will be enough.

I’ll use them for music and video too… ! and both systems are within my budget.

Any feedback on this please ? :S !...

I have the 1010i's and the Denon 1910, and would recommed it to anyone.

Having said that I use mine 80% TV/Bluray and 20% Music.
Depending on what the input source for music I feel they can sound a little dull (not much punch)
Though with a tweek here and there you can boost it.
For tv and films they are great :thumbsup:

I would say if you listen to music a lot and want a realy good sound then you need a good pair of floor standers for the fronts.

Thanks for your feedback.
The reason I'm considering the Jamo system is exactly because of the 2 x Towers in the front :S... I do listen a lot of music, but I do watch films and series too !... heheh, complicated !
Have you thought about getting the QA package and swapping the front 1010is for the 1050is or 1030is?

Many people have done this and are pleased with the sound. You may have to hunt around for the speakers as the 1000i series has now been replaced with the 2000 series, but someone got a set a couple of days ago.

Places to try are Superfi, laserline and richersounds. Many people have got the set by buying the speakers separately and rather than use the Qa sub, have got the BK gemmini 2 (£200).
I'd love to try something like that, but the Q Acoustic system is in Sales, and going with separated components will be quite difficult and more expensive. Here in Paris is even hard to find the Q Acoustics per se, so making your self the whole... won't be easy :S.

Thanks for your suggestion though !

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