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q acoustics speakers 1020i

loco bro

Standard Member
Hi all im in the market for a new set of surround sound speakers i really like the q acoustics 1020i bookshelf speakers they sound good to me but i came across some reviews saying they dont have much bass is this true ? how do they sound for movies in surround sound i wont be using them for music if that makes any difference

thanks in advance

24 P

Well-known Member
If you are already using a sub, your surrounds wont need to have a large amount of bass.
Surrounds are normally not used as full range speakers, 80 Hz as a x over, some times 100 Hz, and the sub doing all the bass..
if you are not using a sub, and using 5 speakers, you have a 5.0 set up, the .1 being LFE, low frequency effects.
What is the rest of the set up you are using?

loco bro

Standard Member
Hi i want to have a 7.1 surround sound set up

so my set up will be all Q Acoustics 1020i bookshelf speakers

left and right centre Q Acoustics 1000c sub Q Acoustics 1000si "8"

along with another 4 bookshelf speakers at the back
will be using the marantz sr5003 7.1 amp

i have seen reviews saying the speakers dont have much bass does that include surround sound ?

with that set up??

thanks loco bro

24 P

Well-known Member
They are most likely talking about the 1020Is by themselves with out a sub.
Since you will be using 1 you should be fine..
The important thing is to do some research oin the sub to see what kind of reviews that gets, after all it does all your boom boom boom..


24 P

Well-known Member
Nps, mp, you can always add another sub later if you feel you are not getting enough bass..
I am looking at an extra 2 atm, yeah 3 in all LOL..

its a sickness sadly..



Distinguished Member
There are several people here in the group who have or have had various versions of this Q Acoustic system, and they all seem universally satisfied, and indeed pleased, with their systems.

As a stand alone stereo speaker, the various bookshelf models are somewhat lacking in bass, but they perform every well in Surround Sound systems where the deep bass is handled by the Subwoofer.

Though, I'm not sure you need 1020i's all around. Most would put 1020i in front and 1010i at the side and rear. But of course that is up to you, there is certainly nothing wrong with 1020i all around.

Though as an alternative, if you don't mind floorstanding in the front, you might consider 1030i in front, and 1010i at the sides and rear. That would probably drive the price up a little, but not by much.

In general, the whole series of 10x0i speakers are well regarded for the money. And there is certainly an element of personal preference that come into play. So people equally love and hate the identical speaker, it is just a matter of preference. Now you seem to have heard these speaker, and you seem to like how they sound. So, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't serve you very well.

As an alternative, see if you can give a listen to the Wharfdale Diamond 9.1 in a 5.1 configuration. Close to the Q Acoustic is the Mordaunt Short Alumni system.

Still, there is nothing wrong with the system the way you've spec'ed it out.


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