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Wayne Beetison

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How come the Yamaha is marked down as no hdmi being a "con" and this isnt?

9/10 seems a little high considering the negatives, not that I couls spend £400 on a soundbar anyway.

I think £200 would be my max.


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I recently gave my father my 40" inch Bush Tv which he loves as it is so simple to use and I was relucant to part with it as I too loved it however I saw on offer an excellent 50" JVC which I bought for myself. Now even though the JVC was more expensive than the Bush the sound is nowhere as good as the cheaper Bush! I found the Bush Tv only had to be left on volume 8 but strangely the JVC volume has to be continually adjusted for different programmes. I thought about a soundbar but I am annoyed to think that we pay a lot of money for these Tvs and yet these sound bars have obviously found a market. The makers of these Tvs should get the sound/volume issue sorted out so there is no need splash out another £200 on top of the hundreds you have already paid out for your new Tv. Remember these soundbars run off your electricity so that's another socket you're taking up and in these days of energy big bills that's just more money out of your pocket, folks!!
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