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Q Acoustics 3020 vs Mission LX-2


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Just wondering if anybody is able to give any comparison info on these two sets of speakers.



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The reason I ask is that, at the moment, I must have bookshelf speakers due to building projects. I have the 3020s whivh are great but I’ve heard the LX-2’s are a better speaker and more forgiving of non ideal placement. Any thoughts, comments or ideas are welcome.

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Hi Costello

We have both speakers set up here in store, why not come in and have a demo so you can choose for yourself.




Did a listening session and the Mission Lx was better for me more open and better Bass and cheaper..., but i will go for the LX-2+

I also bring my old Qa 2020 to the shop and found them in bass better than the Qa 3020.

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