Q acoustics 3020 for surround?


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I own the 3020, I am thinking of using them for the rear speakers in a 5.1 set up. And going with the 3020i for front and 3090Ci for centre.

Will the 3020 act as good surround speakers? Or are they too big? And to be mounted on the Q Acoustics brackets?


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IMO the size is only a problem if you don't have suitable space or it compromises their location.


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Yes they will work great! But they will also look "big" on wall whether that is or isn´t issue for you.

To give you some idea here is 3020 and 3010 high up on wall as front height (atmos) which look quite massive for typical lounge setup and the surround channels would be likely 1-2feet higher from seated ear height on wall.




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I had to look them up.

I don’t consider them a big speaker, so think they’ll be great as surrounds, assuming you have the room size and you’re not bumping into them.

It’s all personal. Some might prefer small satellites or in wall


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@gasps @Ambienz

Thanks for that! I have the space. I'm going to put the brackets up in the yellow marked areas in the photos below. About a foot above seated position. The front 3020i will be mounted on stands left and right to the hung tv.

Thanks again.


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Hi. I was very indecisive about the sub. Watching countless videos about different subs, ported v sealed etc. Ended up buying the SVS pb-1000! On its way.


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Great! Report back how you like it. You do have lot of furnishment there so hopefully you can find good spot for it. Front corner or 1/4 wall width often good spots to start.


You've got the space for the QAs at the rear of the room. You could use stands or wall brackets with ease. I have KEF R100s on B-tech wall brackets.

Amazon product


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Thank you've been a great help. What is your set up like? I'm looking at real life room set ups and speaker positioning..

I don´t have much of anything now, just 2.0 as i have sold everything and will get new gear later on.

You can see members rooms here which can give some ideas.

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