Q Acoustics 2010/2020 or WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 9.0


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hi please could anyone give some adivce please,
im looking at getting some budget speakes go along with the rest of my set up ..
(ps3, onkyo 605 , q acoustics 1010's and dell net book and an iphone)
iv been looking at getting these

Wharfedale DIAMOND 9.0 Black | Speakers Per Pair | Richer Sounds
im looking for a good set of speakers that are going to sound good in "stereo 2ch" using the "zone 2 option on the amp"
with the ps3, iphone and netbook as my main output for music .....

can anyone tell me if these are going to be any good as stereo speakers! please or sould i be looking at something else ?

cheers andy


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I take it these speakers will be used in a different room?
Also bear in mind that zone 2 only works with analogue sources, so anything connected to the amp via HDMI, Optical or Coaxial will not play through zone 2.
The Warfedale 9.0 are quite a small speaker so I may be inclined to go towards the 2010 instead (unless you can source some 9.1s for a good price). Ideally go and listen to them both and pick the ones that sound good to you.


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yes mate different room :smashin:
i also know about the analogue to ..(cheers tho :))

may have to have a look around the northeast to see where i can get to hear them both ,
i know richer sounds have the WD9.0
unsure about the Q's ...but saying that i do have the 1010's as my SS

so i may rewire them to the zone 2 and what there sound like ,
"shouldnt be much difference in sound with the 2010's "
should there?


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The 2010 will be a small improvement over the 1010s but not a lot in it I am sure. Hence if the 1010s sound better than the Wharfedales then I am sure you will not be disappointed with the 2010s.


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If it's any help, the Wharfedale 9.1's are on Superfi at £100. I have a pair myself that I now use as rears, but used to use them as front speakers and they produce very good quality sound.


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cheers lads

iv just made an offer for the 2020's on flebay
just waiting for a reply,

i noticed the WD for £100 on superfi ..:smashin: still may consider them

one thing i didnt realize the WD9.0 are a good few years old ..
"hence the price i guess":rolleyes:

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