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Reviewed by Ed Selley, 28th October 2012. As a package, there are many very likeable aspects to the 2000I Cinema. It is a detailed, rich and lively performer with film and TV. The most impressive part of this performance for me is how smooth and refined it is. You might be able to secure some more superficially impressive packages at the price but it is rare to encounter one that combines excitement and impact that is tempered with the sort of refinement that makes using it for hours on end a pleasure.
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Good review. When I was looking for speakers I auditioned the 2020i for the fronts, they are a very nice speaker, a real bargain at the price point.

I found the high points would sing out from it but lacked fullness in the mid to low sounds. This I put down to its compact size.

Luckily i grabbed some BX2 for the same price but failing that the 2000 range are glorious speakers and value for money.


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Something I found very useful for refining the bass from the sub in music is a Low Pass Filter. The sub does come with one built in that you can switch on and off with the AV/Music switch, Off for movies and on for music, with a dial that you can use to set the cut off frequency.

This can be a little inconvenient if it's not accessible due to positioning but thankfully the Sony amp I am running these through has it's own LPF setting which at 120Hz cleans up the bass very nicely making kick drums tight.

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