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Q-Acoustics 1000si not working.


DeWalt Dave

Hi all,

Amp etc was switched off the other night and the sub just let out a "pulse" of bass for a fraction of a second. It went thud.

Now it wont work at all - power works etc and it lights up fine. Hook it into a source and it doesnt even try to make a noise. If I move the dials on the back then it occasionally lets out another "thud" but nothing else.

Tried it on another audio source with a different cable and the same thing happens.

Ive sent an email to Q-Acoustics so Im just waiting to hear back from them to see if they can fix it - and how much!

Any ideas what might be wrong with it and possibly a fix or cost?


Distinguished Member
It's almost certainly something in the plate amp, which at this price level Acoustics would probably just replace rather than repair. Unless you know an electronics whizz who can test the thing, the actual cause will probably remain undiagnosed and the cost will be what ever a plate amp costs (£100ish), unless it's under warranty.

Yknow, this could be sign from above that it's time for an upgrade....



Prominent Member
Sounds like exactly the same problem I had with my sub. Unfortunately mines was just out of warranty, but contacted the place I bought it from anyway to get it repaired. It cost £75 to repair + the cost to send it down to them.

I considered puttting the money towards a new Q Acoustics 2070 sub, but my 1010i set are beech finish and they no don't offer that on the 2000 series.

DeWalt Dave

Just got my reply saying that they could repair for £130+vat!!

Before they were discontinued I saw them going for £99 and they are still on some stores for around £180.

Im guessing that I cant buy a plate amp anywhere and replace it myself!

Hmmm .... replace the sub then .... any suggestions!? Got to keep it in the budget end of the scale though!


Novice Member
Sorry to sound dum what is a plate amp I think I no but not ,100% sure mine sub woofer just stopped just 30 minutes ago got know power at all changes lead and fuse I'm lost any pointers only just started using Q's so found sub in second hand place no there not cheap paid 75 for it and it seemed to like my Cambridge amplifier and set as it was banging didn't have it it past halfway now if I killed it I would be gutted

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