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Q Acoustics 1000/1000i/1010/1010i - Differences? Recommendations?


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Hi Folks,

Been lurking here a while; particularly in the last few weeks; as I've been researching an AV Setup. I currently have a Kenwood A-34, with its 2 Packaged Speakers, as donated by a m8 a good few years back, and they've seen better days.

So I was looking around, and came across the Onkyo TX-SR606, which appears to tick all the boxes, despite being a little more expensive than I wanted to pay.

So, on to the meat of my question:

I found that the Q Acoustics 1010 are pretty well recommended here:

I also found this package:

But those are 1000i. (how) are they different?

Bearing in mind that I have no cables, short of generic phono stuff, I thought this might be good, £150 of cables for Free? Free Lunch maybe? :rolleyes:

Basically, Im confused. What i'd like is some recommendations on what speakers to pair with this amp. Budget is as little as possible :smashin:, but obviously I dont want to cripple a decent amp with poor speakers.

Or do you have any completely different recommendations on amp/speaker packs around this sort of money, (or less).
as far as connectivity goes. Wii (Composite or Upgarde to Component) and PC (HDMI) as inputs -> Dell 2408WFP Monitor as output (HDMI). Will be getting a TV at some point, but the screen is good enough for my smallish space atm. Primary uses being Films/Gaming.


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Also looking at the Quad L-ite system. Im not sure if I like the looks or not, but I understand its a cracking system at a bargainous price?


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Hi there

Ive got some brand new 1010i's in Black that I just bought 1 month ago - Theyre unopened & still in the box ....

Theyre great speakers, but I've come in to some ££££ & am upgrading to Kef 5005.2 .... I've got wall brackets for all the speakers & I'm willing to sell for £400 total.

Let me know if you're interested.


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The two links are exactly the same set, 1010i front and rear, 1000C centre speaker and 1000S sub.

Now don't I look a plonker for not doing my homework properly :thumbsup:

Edit: Not Entirely!!
The SuperFi link is 4x 1010i, 1000C & 1000S

The Package being 4x 1010i, 1000Ci, 1000Si. Essentially from what I can work out; just a revised version, slight tweaks etc.


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":eek: LOL, you haven't clicked in the superfi link have you"

Have a look at this one .... It has an upgraded centre and sub ... Won the awards in 2007


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I bought qacoustics previously for an ex-girlfriend, very good for the money, well built, will suit most/every amp.

buy the latest model, with the i, largest you can afford and fit into space, and worry no more, they're great value for money, wall mounts are good, and you'll make more difference to your cinema experience from cables and tuning and tweaking than you will by spending £50 more on speakers.

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