Q Acoustic 2000i - Set-up questions?


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Dear all,
Hope everyone had an excellent Xmas and getting ready for the New Year.

My New year Resolution is to save and buy my cinema system I have been craving for a few years. I also came to understanding that a £3k+ system is not for me just yet, so I have found the products I am interested in.

AV Amps choice are:
Onkyo NR609 or Yamaha V671
After research on here and online they seem to be the best for Stereo music at this price range.

Choose the Q Acoustic 2000i speaker package, BUT:

In order to enjoy the best possible stereo sound as well as suround sound, can I swap the front to the 2050i? Will this make a good difference for me for value and money? Should I keep the 2010i for the rear or are the 2020i worth the extra money (+£60)?

Which amp out of the two above will please me for the better Stereo sound, although I like the sound of the Onkyo currently, but after my speaker choice I will need to listen to them in a shop I think... I also own a Sony TV, PS3, and I stream a lot of MP3s from my PS3 as well.

SP1: the Qs with the 2050i front and 2020i rears + stands for the rears is best price is £763
SP2: the Qs with the 2010i front and back standard package best price with pair of stands is £650

Amps are 609 is £399 and the Yamny £375

SP1 + Onkyo = £1,162 SP2 + Onkyo = £1,049
SP1 + Yam = £1,138 SP2 + Yam = £1,025

This comes into my budget (to buy in the next 4/5 months of savings or Credit card :S) but I believe I still have about £200 of cables to buy too.. and this is where I need your help if set-up SP1 is worth it as I found a package deal price for both the amps and the standard 2000i system at:

Onkyo with 2000i + stands = £1015 inc all cables (30m QED original speaker cable, 20 gold plugs, optical and coax lead and HDMI cable)

Yammy with 2000i + stands = £1009 inc all cables (same as above)

Any help and your professional opinion will be welcome, thank you.

Many Thanks in advance.


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If you hunt around you should be able to find your chosen packages slightly cheaper than you have quoted above. A quick search shows you can get the Onkyo for £379 at Richer sounds and the Q Acoustics 2020I for £595, google is your friend :D

The bundled cables show a value of being £200 but in reality what you get will be worth about £60-£70. Instead of the bundled option I got £65 knocked off my package and went out and bought the cables I wanted which are probably a better specification for the same £70.

I've listened to the 2050I in a stereo config and I thought they sounded very nice so I definitely think they would be a nice fit with your system.

Either of those amps will be good with the speakers but don't rule out the denon 1912 which is a fair bit cheaper and the same class of AVR as the Yamaha or Onkyo although I went through the same dilemma and ended up with the Onkyo.....
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Thank you Deano for your quick response...
I think you have convinced me with the 2050is and to consider the cables at a later stage I think, thank you.

However, I cannot find the 2020i package at £595.. Found the amps a little cheaper though which is great. hopefully if a shop can make me listen to all the diff set-ups they will be able to give me some kind of discount instead of buying all components from different online shops..

The Cheapest 2050 I found is £220, and 2050i £378, i was also told that with the 2050is I can forget the 2070 sub from the system... Do you think this is correct?

The Denon is £100 cheaper than the other two so will have to listen to them.

fr speakers 2050i £378
rear speakers 2010i or 2020i £90 or £144 - are the 2020i necessary for rear speakers?
centre speaker 2000Ci £105
Sub (maybe optional) 2070Si £225 - will the 2050i have enough bass, some people seem to think so...
Stands per pair: £70
Cables: £100
NR609: £359
V671: £369
1912: £279

Because i will choose the front 2050is I cannot look for the packages anymore and need to choose from the above...
Next step is Demo... :)

Thanks again in advance for any more opinions, thank you


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Hi all,

I have emailed and left messages to 8 local retailers for a demo and non replied back.. Just dont undertsand they want to turn down business..

I live N7 North London. Anyone can receommend a Hi-Fi retailer.

I already contacted Bartlett, Graham, Super-fi, Sevenoaks locally with no luck.

Thank you



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Demo Done!!

My first choice was either the Yamaha 671 or Onkyo 609.

Q Acoustic 2050i (not in stock)

Mission MX5s

B&W 684s

KEF Q500s

Despite being at a different price level from original thoughts I thought that the Onkyo on Stereo mode had a lot more control and power compared to the Yamaha. The Yamaha was good, but a softer more subtle sound, and I prefered the power of the Onkyo in stereo.

The Missions were no good for me and a lot was missing especially in the mid and low range and did not have much control with the amps of choice.

Then was the B&Ws which blew the Missions away and really liked them and were going to me the choice i was going to make until the retailer asked me to listen to the Q500s, similarly priced and they were amaing, by far better than the B&Ws with the Onkyo as amp choice. The soundstage and surrounding feeling the stereo did, was just great and there was no more listening to them and went for the dive.

I matched the Q500s with the rear Q100s and centre Q200 without the sub for now in order to stay within my budget, this will come at a later stage...

I could not find a reveiw of them on here, and as others, the Qs are a 100% trial for anyone looking for a new speaker...

Cant wait for the delivery to arrive Thursday and set them up!!! Smile

Will comment and make pictures for those interested next week Smile


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