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Q Acoustic 2000i crossover


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I have just setup my q acoustic 2010i/2000ci and 2070si in a 3.1 system connected to a Denon avrx2000, I noticed after woods that the crossovers were set as 40mhz I think for the centre and 60mhz for the fronts.

Should I change these to all 80mhz as it seems 80mhz is the recommended default setting.

Also after running Audessey I found that my sub was to loud and the centre dialogue was a little to low until I turned volume up to about 60db and it was ok but this also meant the sub would be even louder.

Im going to run Audessey again but turn the subs volume switch down to about 30% and maybe switch the fronts and centre crossover to 80mhz?

I may also try turning dynamic EQ off?

what do you think guys.



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I seriously doubt that you mean 60mhz. That would be 60 MEGA Hertz, which is up in the range of RADIO frequencies. I think we can assume you mean HZ or hz.

The Q Acoustic 2010i have a rated bass response of 68hz, so they should be able to run easily with a crossover of 80hz. The 2000Ci center is rated at 75hz, so a crossover of 80hz is workable, but a bit higher might be nice.

Now keep in mind that speaker don't reach their rated bass response and end. The rated response is where the sound starts to fade. You still get output from the speaker below the rated bass response, it is just a bit less output.

Setting the Center to 40hz is the same as having no crossover on them at all, since they only go down to 75hz to start with.

The Amp's SETUP program doesn't always get it right. In some cases there might be reflections for nearby surfaces, chairs, coffee tables, etc..., that are throwing off what the SETUP program perceives. In some case simply re-positioning the microphone can yield better results.

As to the front speaker, 60hz is possible, but more commonly 80hz is the default starting point.

Further, you are allowed to adjust the results of the SETUP program manually to suit your own taste. If the Center isn't loud enough, then feel free to turn it up.

I suspect given the results you are getting there is either a problem with reflections in the room, or something blocking the sound to the speaker, or the microphone placement was not right.

To comment on this, we would have to know more details about how you ran SETUP and where you placed the microphone, and what furniture was nearby when the SETUP program was run.

For example, if there is a coffee table between the Mic and the speakers, then either move the coffee table during the test or cover it with a thick blanket.

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hi , thanks for the info.

Firstly I did mean Hz, lol , my setup is 3.1 and its in my bedroom so perhaps no the greatest place to run the setup process. I have got all currently on 80hz and have increased centre level, might try to raise the crossover like you suggested. I take it changing crossover does not damage the speakers if I have it incorrect?

Also I cant seem to find front left right level adjustment in my avrx2000 amps options only dialogue level which I guess is the same as centre speaker level and sub level.


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Your AV Amp reads out the volume level in dB (or so I assume, virtually all AV amp do), but that has to be dB relative to something. There has to be some way of calibrating it. When SetUp runs, it calibrates the speakers to Reference Levels. So those numbers on your volume read out have a specific and exact meaning. If you were allowed to adjust the level of the Front Speakers, then those read out number would no longer have meaning.

So, in that respect, there is a level adjustment for the Front Speakers, it is called the Volume Control. Adjustments to the other speakers are all relative to the Reference Levels of the Front speakers.

As to whether you even have a crossover on the Center is up to you. The only problem with bass in the Center speakers is that sometimes male voice can get a little husky. But since your Center is rated at 75hz, crossing over at 80hz is not significant. That is in the reasonable working range of the Center speaker.

One word of caution, if you adjust the level of all the speaker upward, that is no different than just turning the Volume Control up. The Front are set to a standard Reference Level. The Side/Rear Surround speakers for those how have them are set to create Reference levels at the Prime Seating location. For example, if you are off center to the left, then the right surround speaker will be a bit louder, and the left surround speaker will be a bit quieter so that at the Prime Seating position what you hear is balanced.

The Center speaker is set to match the Front speaker, though again you are free to adjust to your taste. Many people want a bit more emphasis on the voice, so the tweak the Center volume up a bit.

If you put the SetUp Microphone is a chair, just as an example, whether that chair is leather or fabric matters. Leather is going to be more reflective than fabric. Using another example, if this is a bedroom system, and you are most often in bed when listening, then that is the location you need to put the Microphone during Setup. While the mattress is certainly not reflective, the Headboard on the bed might be. Those reflections could cause the SetUp software to misinterpret what it records. The solution is simple, temporarily throw a thick blanket over the headboard to soften reflections.

Is there some way in which you system is lacking or not performing up to your expected standards? In short, do you feel there is something wrong, or perhaps just not quite right.

Or are you simply inquiring about the crossover setting with a interest toward making sure they are right.

In short, are you trying to solve and actual problem, or simply trying to confirm that things are correct?



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I'm happy with things , just want to be sure I have things correct , after running audessey the only things I have adjusted is changing crossover on all speakers to 80hz and lowered the level on my sub and raised the level on my centre as I do like to have voices very clear when watching movies.

Thanks for the help

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