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Q Acoustic 1010i 5.1 connecting to Onkyo 607


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I'm a total novice when it comes to home speaker connection, I'm just looking for some help in regards connecting the speakers to the Onkyo reciever. I have 30m of speaker cable included with the speakers but I'm not sure what the best way is to connect the speakers to the reciever.

I've tried reading up on it and as far as I'm aware I'll need to connect 2 banana plugs to each speaker and then into the reciever.

So am I right so far or going totally the wrong direction?

If I'm right I'd need:

4 banana plugs for the back two speakers with 4 more for the reciever end connection= 8 plugs

Same again for front speakers = 8 plugs

Then 4 plugs for the centre speaker, 2 for the speaker and 2 into the reciever= 4 plugs

So therefore I'd need 20 plugs.

Am I talking complete bull or am I close enough??

Any help would be great as I don't have much of a scooby do what I'm at.

Also if anyone has a link of which type of plug would suit me best too buy I would be greatful.

Thanks :thumbsup:
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Andrew K

You don't need to use banana plugs if you don't want to although they do make it easier at the amplifier end and avoid the possibility of bare wire strands touching across terminals.

I normally recommend banana plugs at the amp end but using bare wire at the speaker end. Unscrew the banana terminals and feed the stripped wire in and then tighten.

If you want to use banana plugs something like these are fine :-
Milty 4mm Gold Banana Plugs - pair, red and black - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

You will need 5 pairs for the amplifier end and another 5 pairs if you want to use them on the speakers. You will need to remove the small plastic bungs ffrom the banana terminals on the amp and speakers if you want to use plugs.

Hope that helps


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How are you finding the 1010i's?



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help please - if I am in the wrong forum please point me in the right direction. OK, I am setting up a home cinema in the cellar, room will be 5.2metres by 4.7, the system will consist of; Panasonic 3000 PJ, Denon AV amp (1910 or 2310) Beamax A series screen. I will be running DVD, Blue Ray, SKY HD, PC and PS3 thru the system but cannot decide which speakers to get. Will Q sticks 1010i be sufficient, will it be worth spending more on Monitor Audio BRAV or even the B&W685. Because we have neighbours either side we wont be cranking the volume up to massive levels but I do want a good sound - similar to the Bose type reproduction from the v30 system
I am a complete novice at this so would really appreciate your advice, its easy to spend bigger money on the more expensive packages - but do I need to?

Thanks in advance

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