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q acoustic 10000s?


Established Member
Does this sub work on the onkyo SR 606
When running the auto setup, there is no sound coming out of the sub
Any ideas guys?


Standard Member
Have you connected it to the correct input (subwoofer pre-out), it's the lone connector about midway along the bottom of the 606. Assuming it is, run the Audyssey set up again and check to see if it picks it up. Also make sure it's you've turned the subwoofer on at the unit. Silly thing but y'never know.

Apart from them I can't imagine what else may be wrong unless you're cables are knackered in some way.

I've got a 1000Si and it works fine on a 905.


Established Member
Hi moray

I have connnected it to the sub out on the amp but how do you tell if it is being pciked up by the amp
I have checked everything.
1) In the sub out on the 606
2) Brand new QED Cable
3)Red LED light at the back is on

No sound at all

I have run the audessy program a couple of tiimes.
I have turned the subwoofer on manually in the speaker options on the onkyo, no joy


Established Member
check the connection again, there are two subwoofer terminals on the back of the unit.


Established Member
Hi guys
I am bringing back the sub tommorrow.
I have a new problem now.
I have just connected seven speakers now and when playing music through my PC, the speakers keep on cutting out.
Any ideas?


Established Member
possibly a dodgy connection on the speakers/pc, dodgy cable or your speakers are knackered. not sure other than that...


Established Member
Thanks for all the info guys.
I got the sub changed and now working perfectly.
One more query before my surround is setup completely
I have just taken delivery of some Q acoustics 1030, does naybody have any experience of these or simliar.
I am unable to complete audessy because there is an error in both these speakers when testing.Sound comes out of both when testing and normal listening but i cannot complete the auto setup.
Any ideas

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