PZ70 or PX700CAB or PZ700CAB


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HI everyone.

A while back i ordered a PX700CAB but i am yet to receive it. i am thinking of changing the order but am not sure whether i'll end up regretting that decision. I chose the PX700CAB because of the sound and the cabinet would suit the room its going in. Not so keen on having to buy a seperate stand. Problem is after reading reviews of the new PZ70 i think it might be worth compromising on the stand and sound for the better picture. Obviously there is the PZ700CAB but have to ask is it worth the extra £500 and have heard of a new PZ750 model coming out which i am not sure if thats a replacement for the PZ700. Anyway any advice or comments on any of these sets from owners would be much appreciated.:lease:


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Not being an owner and having no interest in the stand or the sound I'm not sure how much help i can be, but either 70 or 700 are good panels although to be honest I've not seen them side by side. I may be wrong but I doubt you'll see much of a difference between the two, best look for yourself to determine and set your mind at ease. Main diff's are in the spec PIP, extra hdmi and better sound on the 700 as your know doubt aware the 70 is a cut down vers.

So far I haven’t seen anything concrete on the PZ750, only that its supposed to replace the PZ700 at the top of the Panny food chain. But little else in the way of info or even it will be definitely coming to the UK? There is lots of Japanese news if that helps?!!!


aardvark I agree with Gavin, they are just cut down versions, just Because Panny have been cute stating a higher contrast ratio on their site, everyone thinks they are new.

Every CR figure from every manufacturer is pure fantasy. I have seen these sets in tottenham court road, there is NO difference in picture quality between them.


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I suppose what i really have to decide is whether the full HD panel without the sound and stand is a better buy for me than the Non full HD panel but with the better sound and the stand.

I just want to know really whether i would notice the diffence in PQ quality. I would be using the telly for SKY and SKY HD and DVD(not neccessarly blue, mainly an upscaled DVD player).

I have seen some posts state that on a 42" screen the difference in PQ is hardly noticeable if at all in which case the PX700CAB is the one for me. If i am gonna get a better PQ on the PZ70 does it outway the advantages of the PX700.

My Brother has a PX60 and the picture via scart from a Sky+ box i thought was excellent.

Anyway the SKY HD box offer apparently ends at the end of the month so i guess i give myself about two weeks to make a decision.


I'd get the PZ70 (it does come on a stand but not on a cabinet) and save up for some quality speakers or a 5.1 setup

If you require the media support then simply get a FCMP350


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Anyway the SKY HD box offer apparently ends at the end of the month so i guess i give myself about two weeks to make a decision.

I wouldn;t worry abou tthat too much Sky are changing there offers all the time, they obviously want people to take up their HD service so I'm sure there will be other offers coming ni the run up to christmas

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