PZ250t vs PZ550t vs PZ570t


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Hi Guys!

I am stuck with the decision between those 3 tv

what is exactly the difference? as I read around the web

PZ250T no wi-fi no thx certificate
PZ550T no wi-fi but thx certificate
PZ570T wi-fi and thx certificate

are those the only differences? is the screen quality exactly the same?

I need the tv 99% for videogames

also, do I really need the wi-fi for freeview tv if I can use the ps3 for it?



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I know it's late but in case anyone else comes across this.

I can give a brief outline of the PZ550T & PZ570T:

PZ570T: It's 3d, is a smart tv and has the *plex media player intergrated ( awesome feature). Has the option to connect wirelessly with a dongle or otherwise with an Ethernet cable. Is full HD and uses the active shutter 3d glasses (which are not cheap). Can play media (movies, music, photos) from USB. Has built in hd freeview.

PZ550T: much the same as the above but is not smart do lacks all the features of a smart tv.

*plex media player is a program built into LG tv and has apps for some smartphones, it works once you have installed the plex media server on your pc/mac once installed you pount the server to where your media (music, movies, tv series, picture ect) are stores and your tv will pick this up, play almost all formats and 3d movies, with no effort. It will all Di this in a very nice interface and gives an imdb like over view of each thing.

For this feature alone I would suggest the 570.


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