PX70 / PS3 / DMR EX77 / Sky HD Set-up


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Hello all,

You have all been very kind and helpful to me in the past :)thumbsup:), so I was wondering if I might utilise your superior knowledge and know-how once more please.

I currently have a PX70 and DMR EX77 set up via RF, Scart & HDMI, and it's working perfectly. Most impressed.

I shall shortly be delivered / installed with a new PS3 and Sky HD package, and I'd be most grateful to know how best to set these 3 items up with the PX70 (these two and the HDD DVR) to ensure the best picture quality all round.

My thought was to link the DVDR & Sky HD by HDMI, and then HDMI straight in to one of the slots on the TV, and then use the second HDMI slot on the TV to go direct into the PS3.

Please, is this the best set-up, because as I say I do want to ensure that I get the most out of these accessories in terms of thir quality.

If not, what should I do differently ?

Thanks again all.


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Hi guys,

Can anyone help me out with this ?

I hope the reason for no reply is because it says "hasn't thanked anyone" next to my username !!

I can assure you I've sent lots of thanks in previous posts, just don't know how to thank so that it chalks up the 'thanks' count next to the username !

If anyone can let me know the best set up, that would be massively appreicated



Hi did you get any joy in setting up your system? I too have put in a few posts about my px70/sky (std) /PS3 set up but still no Sod has awnsered :mad: Ive looked on the boards but to no avail. Cheers maybe you can help me:rolleyes:
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