PX600/PX60 cabinets - are they different?



Just took delivery of a PX600 from JL. They have sent a PX60 cabinet. When I put it together the front line of the TV does not continue the line of the cabinet stand but overhangs slightly. Also the screws supplied with the stand are way too short to secure the TV to the stand. Does anyone know whether there is a different stand for the PX600, i.e. have they sent me the wrong stand?:lease:


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They've sent the wrong cabinet, mine came with a PX600 cabinet, the PX600 is wider than the PX60 as the speakers are built into the side and not along the bottom.


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The PX600 should be supplied with a TY-SxxPX600W cabinet stand.

The PX60 should be supplied with a TY-SxxPX60B cabinet stand.

(where xx = screen size ie 37 / 42 / 50)

Check the model number on the side of the cab stand box with the info above.

And yes - the screws that hold the plasma to the stand are different lengths on the PX60 compared to the PX600.

This is a common problem which seems to be caused by the warehouse staff, or order pickers, failing to check the model numbers before pairing the stand and plasma together. Reckon that someone in charge should give them a good talking to !


Thanks for replies. JL are sending me the right stand next week - PX60 stand will do until then. I'm too blown away by the picture on my new PX600to notice the stand much anyway!!:D

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