PX600 Connection problem..?


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Hi All,

Wondered whether I am doing something wrong or if my 3.5 month old px600 has got a fault!

Just bought a panny camcorder today, testing it out etc, plugged it into the front socket using the supplied av leads for the camcoder, (red yellow white) flicked onto AV4 ....and no picture:eek: I have audio coming through but no video? Any ideas? do I need an s-video cable as well in the manual it says optional and I have tried the camcorder out on the crappy lcd upstairs using the same leads and it works fine.

Any help greatly appreciated or its onto JL tomorrow!

Sorted it I was being a nob it was on AV4S not AV4


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Lol,don't be so hard on yourself.The PX600 has so many inputs it's easily done.

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