PX600 Best Ongoing Settings Please?


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I got the 42" sitting in my living room on run-in settings (third day at 24 hours a day).

However, I would like to know what the best settings are for this screen once I am past the 200hr run in mark. I did see some on another thread but they looked like they applied to the US model as all the descriptors where different to those in the on-screen menus on my screen.

Does anybody know the optimum ongoing settings for the PX600 please?



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This is something we're all looking for. The only person who'll have any actual idea is likely to be [email protected] but that'll be giving away his trade secrets!

You could try one of the calibration DVDs - it's something I'm going to have to do eventually 'cos I spent out on my PX600 and no way can I afford the £250 for a proper ISF calibration as much as I'd like it. :(

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I am sure Gordon would be delighted if he had the "optimal" settings as it would save him a hell of a lot of work!

Settings are independent for every individual display due to ambient conditions and manufacturing variances. Other peoples user settings can be a guide but no more.

ISf calibration is required to get the very best performance but if you want a go the ISF setup DVD is now available which tries to make it as easy as possible to get the user settings correct by using "reaimages" in place of normal test patterns. I like it as a demo tool as it is easy to see the benefits.



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