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Hi Guys,

Newbie here:hiya:

Fantastic Forum, been viewing for about 3 weeks and decided to take the plunge and ask for some help.

This is mainly down to the fact that the more I read on here the more I want to spend, and the more I get confused:rolleyes: So, if I can ask you guys to help me out so I can restrain the spending and get a half decent system. I get the feeling I could continue to read this website info. and magazines for another year and still make the wrong decision without asking:D

I am ready to buy myself a 42" Plasma and a new DVD player (HDMI ideally) and I already have a Bose Lifestyle 8 Series 2. I bought the Bose system in about March as an impulse buy after being wowed in a Bose discount centre, it was the last one of a bunch of factory refurbs with a new warranty etc. that I got for about £450 (was I suckered?). I still have yet to use it due to house delays (nearly finshed now).

I will be using this sound system obviously, and had my eye on a PX60 and a Denon 1920.

Now before I buy, would i be spending my money wisely in your opinions? I have seen the group buy for the panny 42PH9's but how are they any different/better (or worse). I already have SKY+ and will be getting HD when I can so I won't really use the freeview of the Viera. And as for the Denon, the more I read on here the less I want it. The whole upscaling thing has thrown me big time (I do understand the issues, just don't know what to buy now). Do I just get a Pioneer DV696?

So, a Plasma for about £1300-£1500, a DVD for £100-£300? that's HDMI (I already bought the Qunex HDMI-P cable as it was going really cheap on ebay) and what is the best way to connect the new hardware up to the Bose? Do I need anything else?
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