PX60 blocking my Sky+ remote


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Hi All,

Picked up my PX60 today and after a nervous journey home with it in the car, it's all up & running.

I must admit, I'm not impressed with the pic quality, but I know that's probably down to my Sky+ box going through a Philips VL1400 Video Sender before it gets to the TV, although I have tried bypassing with little improvement. Gonna try a new SCART lead and see how I get on, as when watching MOTD tonight, the score banner was really pixelated and so was the pitch. Had no issues with this on my old Nokia CRT.

Anyway, one problem I have is ever since I powered it up, my Sky+ remote has gone really temprimental. It's as if the tv is emitting infra red to block out the remote, as it works fine if I move the remote to below the cabinet. I've put in new batteries but no joy. Anyone else experienced anything similar?


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Make sure your Sky box is set to 16:9 and that the output is set to RGB not PAL. Also, make sure you are plugged into the TV SCART on the Sky box and not the VCR one.

The difference with / without a video sender should be night and day.

How close is your Sky box to the Plasma? There is a theoretical possibility of it interfering with the IR signal from the remote but I've never once seen it in practice.




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Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. My Sky+ box is in a cabinet beneath the TV, where my old CRT was, so no idea why it seems to be blocking the Sky remote


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Also make sure that when you get your new scart it is a decent one, and that it is fed into one of the RGB scart scokets on the PX60 (Probably AV1).

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