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    Just to give some background to my question. I currently use a 55W905 in my gaming setup which has been wonderful for the past 5 years. Since this tv is only 1080p without HDR I decided to upgrade to a 55Q9FN. I took delivery of the Samsung today and have been testing it out with both my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Initially it looked great but the problem came with 30fps games. I tested Assassins Creed Origins and Far Cry 5 and compared to my W905 I was getting horrible duplicate motion on these 30fps games which actually hurt my eyes. My W905 looks super smooth and much easier to look at compared to the Q9FN.

    I should say this is just using game mode, no game Motion Plus and no Freesync. I’ve tried changing numerous settings but still I get this horrible motion.

    Now looking at both tvs the main difference in the displays is the use of PWM. The W905 doesn’t use PWM, the Q9FN does, and when using game mode the PWM frequency drops to 120hz.

    Now from a little research it appears that PWM, particularly at lower frequencies can reduce motion blur, but at the same time, with lower FPS content, can introduce this image doubling I’m having a problem with.

    My question is, does this seem a likely explanation to what I’m seeing and explains why my old tv is so much better with 30fps games? I don’t think the tv is faulty.

    I’m now considering the XF9005 instead. According to Rtings this also uses PWM but at a much higher frequency of 720hz, will this also cause duplicate images in 30fps games? My other alternative is an LG C8, but since it’s in a gaming setup burn-in is a concern, but thats another matter.

    I hope this make sense. If anyone with knowledge of this would care to share their opinions I would be most grateful.


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