PWD8 Owners and SKY HD


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Jul 18, 2005
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Any PWD8 owners out there made the move up to SkyHD ? :lease:

I was wondering being as the screen is SD (although a damn good one IMO :) ) if there was any noticable difference for it to be worth the upgrade ?

Also have you tried using component Vs HDMI to see the difference.
I have. Using component cos i don't have a hdmi board. Looks awesome - better than on my dads bravia lcd. Not just my opinion either, he agreed.
I have a PHD8 and Sky HD.

I don't regret it for a minute because the either the box electronics or the fact that its HDMI means that my SD feed which was great before is now fantastic.

Will I renew my HD subs - the jury is out.

My problem is that the SD stuff is so good that when I view HD, whilst it is better, and you get the odd WOW now and then, I usually struggle to see the difference between SD and HD.

This is a 42" panel viewed at about 12 feet.


Sounds like it's worth the upgrade then.. :thumbsup:
I have a PWD6 and changed back to Sky+....IMO the HD subs just aren't worth the extra.

The Pic is good through component though (Panasonic panels strong point), no need to worry about the HDMI input.
Yes, I'm happy with my upgrade beacuse the SD material looks better than with my old Sky+ box and there is a bigger hard disk.

I only paid £199 for my box which as I was contemplating spending £100 for a bigger drive on my Sky+ box at the time was good value to me.

Is the HD material worth £10 - the jury is out for me. Personally, I don't see that much difference between HD and SD that I feel I must plan my viewing around the HD channels. So I could take or leave it.

When my year is up I will probably continue with the HD subscription but only because its boils down to just 33p a day rather than it being something I can't do without.



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