PWD8 and HD compatibility.


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I appreciate that the PWD8 is not HD Ready however it is my understanding that this screen is HD Compatible. I was therefore wondering if anyone has got any experience of playing scaled down HD material on this screen? Does (or would) scaled down HD material look better than standard SD material on this sceen?

Also, does it scale down the HD material natively or are other components or cards required?

I am Plasma newbie with a budget and fortunately the wife wants a new TV before Christmas :clap: A PWD8 is within my immediate budget however I don't want to be unhappy with it this time next year. I have no intention of purchasing Sky so really any HD material for me would be an XBOX 360, DVD and films played through a media centre.

Thanks very much...


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Its fully compatible out of the box with the resolutions and a component input (which can be hi-def). You need the HDMI card obviously for HDMI appliances (eg HD DVD / Sky HD to be safe / Blu-ray).

I have tried HD on an older SD panny and it looks quite a bit better, but its not worth paying the sky high prices early adopters have to IMO. Colours seem richer and smoother and theres less artefacts on most of the stuff ive tried (although a lot of that is demos and therefore showing it off). Let prices of the sources settle and its definately worth it :)


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Cheers for that Chedmaster.

Are there any current PWD8 users out there who have run HD material through their screens yet and could comment?

I am interested in purchasing a PWD8 but I would like to hear from any current owners who have experience of scaled down HD.


I'd third that! :D

I've been unable to demo a pwd8 running HD, and im in exactly the same predicament! :rolleyes:

Im worried im going to be disappointed when i plug in the xbox360...


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Not sure if the 8 series are the same as the 6 series (but very likely), but I have a 6 series Panny and it looks its best running a high definition feed from my scaler (720p) even though it is an SD screen. This is due to a way that the Panny's oversample or similar, and is a well known fact amongst many scaler guys here.

At the end of the say, an SD screen running HD material is never going to look as good as a HD screen running HD, but it will always look better than an SD screen running SD :)

I bought my SD screen a year and a bit ago and feel that by the time HD is REALLLY here the screen (for me anyhow) I would have had a pretty good stint to allow me to upgrade it without feeling I wasted it.

I guess it depends on how quick you think you will have HD sources, if you see this within the next year or two then you are probs better getter a HD screen now. If not, I am sure you will be happy with an SD screen running SD and HD for the next three years or so...depends how future proofed you like to be...

The key issue is likely to the media center/PC use you mention where a HD screen is really the entry level...running a PC on SD is pretty rubbish from experience.



Will a PWD6 display high def fed to it from the xbox 360? I know it can't accept it at 50hz, but can you get the 360 to 60hz mode?


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Ok I have Just got my PWD8 and have played windows M'P HD clips via my VGA and can confirm that yes it IS better to my eyes than SD :D


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Peabo said:
Will a PWD6 display high def fed to it from the xbox 360? I know it can't accept it at 50hz, but can you get the 360 to 60hz mode?

A pw6 will accept xbox360 at 50hz no problem at all over component.

What I think you have to remeber with the pw range is although not as good as their phd range it still looks alot better than almost all of the other HD READY sets out there.

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