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PW7, LG RZ-42PX11 or vierra??

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by Vilaubas, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Vilaubas

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    I've read the various threads on plasma Tv's and screens with interest, and would like a bit of advice before I lash out £2500-£300.

    Basically I'm looking to get a 42" plasma and a surround sound amp/Speakers.

    I don't have sky TV, but have a digibox and watch mostly TV and DVD's.
    At first I wanted to go for the LG for cost and a ready package, but on looking at the Vierra threads I'm seriously considering one.

    My question is what would be the benefits of going for a one box TV?, am I right in thinking that the onboard amp and TV board on the Vierra isn't needed if I have a seperate surround sound amp and digibox with the PW7?

    Also I've been looking at issues about HD TV compatability with the PW7, and different cards/ scalers/rbg etc. which all sounds very confusing (although my DVD player seems to have RGB outputs.)

    Any info to give me a better idea of where to go from here will be appreciated.


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