pw7 help im an idiot

i have a pw7 with the panasonic tuner box, everyone says this is the worst way to use your plasma

i have sky +, sharp dvd home cinema system, x box and a dvd recorder
i connect everything through scart sockets as im really thick

what boards (dont really jknow what that means) and stuff should i get to get the best pic possible

i am on a limited budget

please help me out here?

thanks in advance


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To help us to answer your queries, what sort of video connections have you got on the Sharp home cinema system, i.e. is it S-Video, composite, component ?


SCART Connectors Output x 1

Outputs Composite x 1 • S-Video x 1
dont know what it means

has this but i have only ever used scart


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Couple more questions, hopefully to help others who may have experience of the Panny tuner boxes :)

What is the model of the DVD recorder? Does it any video inputs and output's, does it have a component out and can it output a progressive picture?

I am not sure the type of signal sent from the tuner box to the PW7. Is it RGB or composite to the PW7? Hopefully someone with experience of the tuner box can confirm this.

Also, when you say everything is connected via Scart, is that an RGB scart picture?



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