pw6006 flicker

father alice

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I have a phillips pw6006 tv which seems to have developed a flicker - I have ruled out scarts and other devices.

At one stage, when the tv was turned on, or the channel changed, I got a mass of flashing white horizontal lines the whole width of the screen. These remained for 5 secs then the channel came into view. Occasionally the white flash actually broke through into the picture. This event seems to have occured after a button on the remote was held down for several seconds. However, by repeating this, and holding the mute button down for several seconds, the above flashing seems to have gone.

However. I do still seem to have a flickery picture, whilst not so bad as to break through into the image, the screen does flicker alot. I have adjusted the brightness in the menu, as it seemed worse with dark images, and that may have helped; but it is still not sorted.

The tv is 2 yrs old, so is there a fault that could have developed, producing these symptoms? Or has it always been like this - Since reading these forums I have become a lot more fussy with my picture and sound requirments (and my wife claims she doesn't notice it!) However, I can't believe this fault hasn't just developed!

I should add, I get these symptoms with RGB SVID and RF pictures.:(

So any ideas??

John Jennings

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I get something similiar on my 6006, always have.

Are they lots of short horizontal lines (not extending the full width by any means, just 1 or 2 cm?), almost looking like static intereference? When I get that I just turn off the TV power button (not the standby button on the remote) and it clears it.

A friend of mine with a 6006 gets this too.

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