pw6 & vga connections

john R1

Can somebody please tell me what parts of the menu u lose and settings via rgb/vga connection.

The thing is i am using component board and the scart board at present (scart for telewest to pw6), and am thinking of getting the js converter rgb to vga on the plasma.

I am wondering wether i will see a great improvement on what i am currently using, but am concerned about things i wont be able to use ie the settings.

I am more than happy with the pq from my current telewest, it is a very good signal in our area, so basically is it worth doing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as i have read most of the threads and most seem positive about it.

Why do some of you not like using the scart board on panny 6?


John.......hmmmmm and ME Wifey.. the typist!!!;) ;)


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I've got the five series, and about the only thing I missed was the "Just" zoom mode, which I find weird anyway - especially when watching motorsport.

Reports from customers using the RGB to Plasma VGA unit on the six state the picture quality is superior. I was told it's like removing a "fuzzy" filter!

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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