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PW6/PW7 setup & FAQ


Man in Bath

Complete newbie questions I know, but here goes:

I have a Yamaha RX650 AV amp, with optical/composite video inputs through to the TV. Through the amp goes the PS2 and DVD player. I've a Sony Freeview decoder which has a scart output to the TV.

So, if I get a Panasonic plasma, do I need a scart terminal board as well as a composite board? What difference do quality cables make? Ideally I would like to run a single video cable to the plasma. Can I convert the Freeview box to composite video through the amp?

lots of questions; I'm sure someone's gonna post a link to some very basic FAQ somewhere.... :oops:


For a plasma, component video is the way to go, but the 650 does not upconvert to component, so if you want to switch audio and video thru the amp, you'll need an RGB to component converter. You could leave the setup as is, though, connect freeview direct to the screen, connect PS2 and DVD to the amp, but with component and not composite. PS2 component kits are £9.99 in Game. If your DVD does not do component go get a new one that does, under £100 starting price, up to whatever you can justify paying... As to Scart on the screen, the Panasonic scart video board is a bit soft, and if starting from scratch, you can get a converter enabling you to input freeview via the RGB VGA port for £20 more than a scart board. So you need only buy a component video board with the screen, and a RGB to VGA converter. I think you have only 2 component video inputs on your amp?

Man in Bath

Okay... cheers for the swift response guys, I had a read of that 17-page thread HD (well some of it tbh). I'm at work now so tonight I'll check out the specific amp i/o's.

So for clarity, it looks like I need a composite board in the Panny, from which I can feed the PS2 and DVD component outputs via the 650. In addition, I need an RGB to VGA convertor (like the JS tech one) to get the Freeview box straight into the screen.

It's a bit of a pain, needing a card in the TV and a VGA convertor, isn't it? A fifth of the cost of the TV just to get three signals displayed...


Distinguished Member
Man in Bath said:
It's a bit of a pain, needing a card in the TV and a VGA convertor, isn't it? A fifth of the cost of the TV just to get three signals displayed...
thats a paqrt of the cost.....and why it is a Plasma Display Panel NOT a TV

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