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Well I finally took the plunge and took delivery of a PW6 (silver) the other day, the current price of these are just too hard to turn down!

Managed to get a PA20 stand, 6Y board, HK Amp, HK DVD and JBL 5.1 speakers all for 3K, pretty good I thought.

Anyway I fired it all up today and found ELEVEN dead pixels on the screen all grouped in the top left hand corner, it just adds a little curve to the end of the view.

Pictures are quite watchable as they are all to one side but after spending this amount of money I expect a pretty good quality product. Judging by most people who have posted dead pixels problems I think 11 is quite high up in the league.

Hopefully my supplier will swap this out for me (I'll contact them on Monday) but if I do get into any bother is there any advice out there on the best approach to take. Should I be expecting my supplier to deal with this or Panasonic UK.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Fat Tony

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I don't know the answer, but would like to know what happens, as I'm thinking about the buying same screen & never actually considered this issue. You don't mention the supplier?

Also, and sorry if this a dumb question, but how do you spot a dead pixel? Do you play a white picture and then are they obvious?


White picture is the only way I could truely count them, fortunately I have a DVD which has a white menu background.

If you look close enough to the screen you see the colours Red, Green & Blue and too my understanding this combination amonts to one pixel, I'm no expert however!

Besides this (minor setback) I've watched quite a few DVD's and I think the screen is awesome.


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I can't speak for Panasonic but experience of other manufacturers is that the limit is normally around six, fewer if they are grouped close together, as yours are. Your contract is with your dealer so it is they who should sort it. You should only need to involve Panasonic if you're not happy with the dealer's response.


I'm sure 11 is outside the tolerance, it would be for my customers. Your dealer should swap it out straight away for you, it's not of merchantable quality. Not his fault, so politeness is in order, but that's the law as I see it.


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If you have trouble, send it back under distance selling regulations. Under UK law, no mail order or internet supplier can refuse to give you a refund or exchange! :cool:

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