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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Bobby_Dazzler, Aug 29, 2004.

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    Hello all i have asked this question under other headers but had so many opinions i just want to get the best way then go for it!

    What i am looking to do is connect a pw6 wall mounted to a sony dav sa30 and pace sky + box. i have listed the specs for the 2 items below. As i am looking to create a minimalistic look i want to have the sky + and dav sa30 on the opposite wall.. this will involve chasing out the wall below the PW6 then running what ever cable i go for through a 12mm hole in a wall for about 8 meters then back in through another 12mm hole. The reason I am looking to go through the wall is to completley hide the cables cos my chick hates them and this is one of the conditions of being allowed to buy a plasma in the first place as in " think of how much room it will save and no more cables !" oooo rrrr so if you guys can give me one last opinion before i shed out 2k plus cables and converters it would be greatly appriciated.. getting rid of my bird is not an option ! :clap:

    Sony Dav SA-30

    RGB out
    Composite video in, analogue audio in
    Composite video in/out, analogue audio in/out
    Speakers (5.1 ch)
    AM loop/FM
    Mini-jack stereo audio out
    Power voltage: 240V (European)
    Video output
    PAL to PAL
    NTSC to NTSC
    Main features
    Integrated 5.1 DVD Hi-Fi System
    S-Master Fully Digital Amplifier
    DVD, SACD, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic 2 & DTS decoding built-in
    Wide Frequency range speakers for SACD Audio
    FM/AM Radio Tuner Built In
    SCART Output (RGB & Composite output with TV audio in)
    MP3 Playback
    JPEG Playback, slide show
    300w Total Power Output

    Technical specs
    5.1ch Dolby digital decoder Yes
    DTS decoder built-in Yes
    Video CD player/AV amplifier / FM/AM tuner Yes
    Horizontal line resolution Approximately 500 Lines
    SACD playback
    Playback frequency range 2hz - 100kHz
    Audio frequency characteristics 2hz - 44kHz
    Audio THD >0.03%
    Wow * flutter Below measurement limit (?.001% WPEAK)
    DVD/CD playback
    Audio frequency characteristic (2ch STEREO mode) DVD (at the time of PCM playback): 2hz - 22kHz (?.0dB) At the time of CD playback: 2hz - 20kHz (?.0dB)
    THD >0.03%
    Wow * flutter Below measurement limit (?.001% W PEAK)
    Power Output Total 300W: 5x 44W (Satellites) (6Ω)1x passive sub woofer 80W (RMS 10%)
    Weight Approx. 4.0kg

    SKY + (box is previous model but spec is the same)

    1. AC Input - From mains power supply
    2. Telephone line Connector RJ11
    3. UHF Modulator - For connection to main TV and optional
    connection to second TV
    4. TV A/V SCART - Provides either composite or RGB and
    composite video output. Audio volume can also be controlled
    in software
    5. VCR A/V SCART - VCR Scart for connection to Video Recorder
    6. Analogue Audio Outputs - An important addition for users
    wishing to integrate the set-top box into their home audio system.
    Volume can be adjusted or muted under software control
    7. S-Video Connector - For high quality connection to plasma
    monitors or VHS Recorders
    8. SP-DIF - For connection to home Dolby Digital amplifier
    9. RS232 - Serial port connector for service and factory use only
    10. RF Input - Twin IF inputs to connect to dual LNB at dish
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    I'am new here and I'm going to buy PW6. My problem is that which videoboard should I buy with that plasma.

    I have conncted my satellite receiver, digital receiver and DVD-player to my amplifier with s-video (I use scart-module). Now from my amplifier goes s-video (scart-module) to my TV and picture is OK (and now I can change channels using my amplifiers remote. I choose different inputs coming to amplifier).

    Should I do same with my plasma?

    My DVD-player have component output and I have possibility to connect that output to my amplifier and from amplifier to plasma.

    Or should I buy NEC 42VP4 including very many connections?

    (Sorry my bad english, my own language is finnish).

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    One way to connect everything would be as follows:

    1) DAV RGB SCART output to Sky+ VCR A/V SCART input using an RGB SCART likethis.

    2) Sky+ TV/AV SCART output to SCART input of a RGB2VGA converter using another RGB SCART.

    3) RGB2VGA converter VGA output to PW6 VGA input using a VGA cable - this is the only cable you will need to run to your plasma, and you won't need to buy a video board for the plasma, either.

    So, you would need the following:
    1 X RGB2VGA converter
    1 X VGA cable

    This is pretty much how I connected up my DVD player & Sky+ box to my PWD6, except I went Sky->DVD->RGB2VGA->Plasma as my DVD player has 2 SCART sockets, whereas it doesn't look like your DAV does.


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