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Hi all,

I'm still battling trying to work out how I will connect my kit to the PW5B. I'm looking at connecting my DVD to the RCA sockets through a JS RGB-VGA box and my PC to the VGA socket. If I was to do this and connect my Sky box, Pana E30 etc to the s-video socket (switched through my AV amp) would I be sacrafising too much PQ?

What I really need is a RGB scart switch box that connects to the switched composite inputs on my amp, so when I select SAT, DVD etc on the amp the RGB scart switch detects the change of input and selects the correct RGB scart input. Did I explain this very well? I don't know if this is possible and I'm sure no-one makes such a thing - maybe an idea for a new JS box :)

Can anyone recommend a half decent scart switch box? I notice Lektropacks do something called a "Quattro" that sounds quite good...


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The B-Tech BT-941 (Quattro+) SCART centre does a great job you can cascade up to three RGB sources into the JS Tech RGB to Plasma interface with no discernible signal quality loss.

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The BT-941 looks a great piece of kit, I think someone will have to buy me one for Xmas...

I am currently using a 3 way RGB scart switching box, which is great but does not have a remote control.
See attached picture of the BTECH BT21-S:

I have a SCART to RGB+Cvideo lead from the SCART box output to the Plasma.
I have three SCART RGB devices connected to the switching box inputs.

The picture on the Panny D4 is just brilliant.

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Well I spoke to both Keene and Lektopacks this morning and neither has the 941 in stock as it's been discontinued (Keene do have a last batch coming in on the 24th).

However the good news is that it's being replaced by a new model that (so I'm told) has one more RGB scart input and is silver rather than black, which to me sounds like just the job! Not available until 1st week Dec, but that's fine.


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