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Jason S

I've just bitten the bullet and ordered a PW5B (£3300 inc delivery & wall mount). Situation helped substantially by taking the wife to the Ideal Home show and getting on-site approval:smashin:

But, before it arrives, I've a couple of questions....

Firstly, what's the default connections RCA or BNC, did a search and can't find the definitive answer. Looked at the back of the demo units, they were all RCA, but.........need to know as I'm ordering cables and would like to avoid a scrabble for adaptors when it turns up next week.

Secondly, is there a discrete code to select each input source? I'll be using component, composite (VCR) and VGA (laptop), but the key is between component and composite as the VCR is used a lot by Mrs S, and at the moment she presses one button on the remote to make the change, and I'd like to keep it that way. Even if it's press button X then Button Y or Z dependant on desired input I can create a macro for that.

Third, and finally, what is the power lead termination, fig 8 or IEC? Since this is the las bit of kit on the line and the source and amp have shielded power, I'm going to build a new cable for this too, I just need to know what plug to use!!

Also, any setup recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Jason S


Thanks for the info, I'm calling the dealer this morning to check (only though about it at about 10:30 last night), but I'm anticipating a "we'd have to open the box" response, hence the posting to see if there's a common card. I forgot to mention it's a Euro import too.

Don't know why I didn't think of Remote Central myself for the discrete codes, but that other threads got precisely what I want

I see you're in Portsmouth, just across the harbour from me. Have you found a good AV/HC supplier in the area? I've always struggled, especially when it comes to demo facilities.


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No, never found a decent place around here, when I was looking for my Plasma I was working in central London so I had a few demos there, but eventually bought from The Media Factory in Scotland. As if that was not far enough away, when I bought my DVD player I ordered it direct from Hong Kong :)

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