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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by IanThornton, Nov 22, 2003.

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    I've had my Panny 42" PW5 screen (via tuner box) for a few months now. The picture quality is obviously fantastic but the so-called automatic aspect switching clearly doesn't work.

    If I set the aspect ratio to "Panasonic Auto" it doesn't take long for it to switch to one of the random Zoom modes and then staying there until I set it otherwise. If I've set the aspect to 14:9 (which is how I usually watch 4:3 broadcasts) and the Widescreen adverts come on, the picture flips to "Wide" as expected but refuses to switch back to 14:9 once the main programme comes back on.

    This is infuriating. Can anyone tell me if this is a "feature" or most likely to be a problem? Even if it's a "feature" I would still argue this is "not working as described in manual" and a warranty claim nonetheless.



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