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Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by whippled, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Here in Australia I can't find any make of a PVR that has proper slow motion.
    I'm amazed at this because my TIVO that I bought about 6 years ago has a one touch SLOW MOTION button that perfectly and seamlessly slows down recordings and even live tv.
    It's a brilliant feature for watching HD slowmo of missiles honing in to explode or Moto GP with riders kneeing the ground or footy players doing their incredible airborn stunts.
    TIVO is still the most uncluttered and user friendly PVR I've tried.
    I'd really dig to get another PVR with this top notch slowmo function.
    I ignorantly thought that every PVR would do this.
    My TIVO is still working ok but I want to be able to record more than just the 2 channels available on TIVO.
    Trouble is, Channel7 stuffed up the selling of TIVO's in Australia. It seems as though they'll never be on sale here again.
    Last year after a retailers hyper waffle I brought home one of the latest Panasonic PVR's and found that it didn't even have a mute button.
    Took it back and got a refund.
    Another retailer told me the Humax 4 had slow motion and was the best PVR in the world.
    I found out the slow motion was in fact a press a frame by press again next frame.
    And when you try to do anything while watching live tv or recording you have to practically shut the unit down to even look at the epg, or what is recording.
    Took this one back and got a refund.

    So, if you know of any brands that are slow motion capable please gladden up my PVR misery.

    eeeeerz cheeeeerz to your ears,,,,,from Frosty
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    TX Mendip - DHR8205: FW4.22 - M1.35Blk

    The best in the UK was the DigitalStream DHR500 which had slow-mo (1/2, 1/4 & 1/8) and a nudge for Still-Frame back and forward a frame at a time when paused.

    There may be an Australian version or there may be a Sony with the DigitalStream engine ?


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