pvr's with discrete ir codes


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i'll just give this post a bump, i have an install where i'd like to use a couple of PVR's amongst other sources in a multiroom system, discrete ir codes would help enormously, surely the likes of the Topfield with it's TAP's could handle a few extra ir codes?


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thanks but the PC option is not really a viable option and the Tivo as far as i recall is analogue only?? I need freeview PVR, preferably with twin tuners.


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thanks but the PC option is not really a viable option and the Tivo as far as i recall is analogue only?? I need freeview PVR, preferably with twin tuners.

Yes,the UK TiVo is analogue, but can record from Freeview, Sky, Virgin Cable or Tiscali TV. Only one tuner. So you will need two for twin tuner - I have 9 so not a problem for me :)

There are no discrete code Freeview twin tuner non-PC DVRs for the UK AFAIK.

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All of the OneForAll EFC codes for the Digifusion are known, if that is any use to you, in programming your remote.

Cut and pasted from a web link I saved ages ago, can't remember the link now!....

Fusion FVRT100 Extended Function Codes
for One-For-All remotes
In order to use these codes you first need a device code that "works" with the FVRT100. In my case, (I have a 3+ years old "one for all 4 digital" that isn't upgradable), I found a VCR code (0081) for a grundig that would "work" the Fusion - pressing off caused the interactive text to appear! If you don't have a code then try using the search method described in your manual - until something happens.

Once you have a code then you can test if the below codes will work for you. Select the Fusion device on your OFA. Press Magic (or Shift) and then 388. It should switch the unit off. If it does then I think the below codes will work for you.

How you reprogram your remote to use these codes is likely to be dependant on your remote, but in my case I press "Magic" until it flashes twice, then enter 994, then press Magic, enter the extended function code for the function I want to assign, then the key I want it to be assigned to. So if I wanted On/Off to be on the power button I would: Press Magic until it flashes twice, 994, Magic, 388, Power button.

Function / Original Button Code / Extended Function Code

On/Off 116 388
Mute 84 612
Vol + 138 575
Vol- 106 327
Ch+ 90 231
Ch- 122 519
1 96 453
2 144 381
3 112 645
4 136 317
5 104 581
6 88 485
7 120 261
8 132 444
9 100 708
0 128 701
Text 140 572
Cancel 108 324
TV/AV 92 228
Sub 124 516
Up 146 639
Down 114 391
Left 130 447
Right 98 711
OK 147 387
Red 134 702
Green 102 454
Yellow 118 646
Blue 86 358
Menu 142 318
Guide 110 582
Calendar 94 486
<< (Rewind) 133 704
>(Play) 109 584
>>(Fast Forward) 141 320
||(Pause) 101 456
[](Stop) 85 360
o(Record) 93 488
|<(Skip backwards) 117 648
>|(Skip forwards) 125 264
Library 131 707


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There is something you can do with a TAP on the Toppy and the Remote Extender TAP, in conjunction with a programmable remote, to enable a second set of codes, I gather, so you can have two units working in the same room.


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firstly, thanks cyril but if i have to use TiVo in conjunction with a Freeview box i still need a Freeview box with discretes for ON and OFF, and then two of them means four pieces of kit! Father Alice the codes i need are in addition to the codes already on the remote, seperate power codes for example that will only do one action. The Topfield Tap may be of some interest if it enables additional codes and not just shift the frequency of all existing codes, where can i find out more?:lease:

father alice

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The power On for the fusion is via a number key eg "1" will turn box on, to turn off, use the "Power" button.

Don't know if that applies with other STBs.....

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