PVR9200T PVR -- 'E-OS' error when trying Software Update to .23


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I have a Humax PVR9200T. This suffers from the problem described elsewhere of the clock showing "--:--", resulting in the PVR not making scheduled recording from Standby Mode.

IT failed to update automatically to the recent .23 software release OTA, and I assumed this was due to the above clock problem.

So I performed a Manual Update, and it found the Software Update OK, but got error code 'E-OS'. A Humax advice suggested performing a Factory Reset and then re-running the Manual Update, which I did. I got the same error code, and the update was not applied.

(Just in case it matters, the instructions from Humax did not say anything about unplugging the aerial, so I did not.... although I have subsequently seen an entry suggesting this should be part of the process, but I am not sure what difference this would make.)

Help !!

Can anyone suggest what else I can try to get this update applied ? I would prefer to get it OTA with the new transmissions, so I have very few hours to fix this problem.

Any advice gratefully received.


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hi if you perform a default settings and then a manual scan of the software update you will get it.

edit: This must be done when software is OTA. not before or after


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Try a default settings with the aerial disconnected - it won't find any channels. That's fine. Turn the system off from the mains switch at the back, plug in your aerial, power up, another default settings, let if find the channels. Worked for me after my Humax died a nasty death!

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