pvr150 mce



will someone tell me do i have to get a media centre remote and ir blaster for my pvr150 work.
at the moment i have my pvr connected to a plasma display
via dvi and i have my sky box connected to the pvr via coax,but when i scan for services it cannot find any.
i have tried connecting coax straight from outside ariel into pvr and mce finds 5 channels,bbc1,bbc2,itv,ch4,ch5,but also finds 6th channel what is sky so can someone tell me where
i am going wrong :lease:

Dan L

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You can use the coax, but this is not something I've tried.

Try connecting the STB->PVR150 via s-video or composite, (as Jon says) attach your MS remote blaster IR to the front of the STB. You then need to setup MCE, choose the input you are using on the PVR150, then choose the service you are using (SKY digital) and set the remote up to control the STB. You may need to 'learn' the remote codes from the SKY remote.

Its a fairly manual process, you don't need to scan for channels etc.

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