PVR Recomendation?


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I'm looking for a PVR for my father in law. He is not a technophobe but not exactly up on the latest technology. I have seen good things on here about the Humax 9200 but how easy is it to use? I have sky+ and think this is really simple. How does the Humax compare? Or any other suggestions?


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Humax have just released a big software update (1.00.10) that resolves many issues that people (including myself) had against the user interface. Its still not perfect, but its gone along way or tidying up the little things that were unnecessarily overly complicated. ie delete is now a red button from the programme library screen - previously you had to go yet another level down to do this operation.

This update is available now via a web download or will come around in a month or so via OTA.

I have bought a 9200T as my mothers Christmas present and will update it before she is given it. Previously she had a Digifusion and she didn;t get on with that at all. Then it died so we got our money back. I am sure that she will cope with this one - we trialled it on my inlaws that are slightly younger but slightly more technically savvy. They have regular Sky and didn't have a problem transitioning to PVR functionality. The Humax does make PVR use so simple to use. ie.

To record:
Press guide. Scroll to programme you want to record. Press return. Hit exit. It will then be recorded.

To play:
Open flap on remote. Press library button. Scroll to programme you want to watch. Hit OK. Programme will play.

To delete:
Do as play but hit red button then OK at prompt to delete.

Its all rather easy.


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Cheers Ian, Sounds ok to me. Will have a look for the best price.


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I think the best price was Hughes Direct which someone posted a link to earlier. However they state up to 10 days delivery - which would now miss Christmas.



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Thats OK he is buying it for himself so not needed for christmas! Tho he may moan about the price £170 ish :D .


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Best price i could find is Dixons online @£171 . Dont forget to go thro quico for another 2.5% cashback . Its been this price for a few weeks but i think it might be worthwhile holding of till after xmas . Surely these are bound to drop now that you cant use the top up tv cam .

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Just read your post.. Just interested in this cashback site - Quico? Can you post the link... :lease:


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You might consider the Humax 8000 single tuner for about £120 from empiredirect.co.uk. Depends on his TV habits, and if he would need the dual tuner for the extra £50.

Benefit of the 8000 is that it's mature and (most) bugs have been resolved. And I've seen some posts about the ease of increasing capacity with a new Hard disk if required.

rgds, MikeE


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I bought mine from Comet, online price is £181 store price is £199, asked in store if they would price match the web & they did.

The Dixons price does not include a £9.99 delivery price:eek: Currys will not price match the Dixons site either.



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