PVR/DVD Recorder for Sky Digibox?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by np1664, Aug 2, 2006.

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    Aug 2, 2006
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    Hi, My VCR has finally died and I would like to replace it with a HDD PVR/DVD recorder. I would like to connect & record from a Sky digibox (non-subscription) and would like to use the excellent functions of Pause, chase TV & EPG advanced recording, instead of the usual record the channel which is on at the time, as a VCR would do.

    Can anyone suggest a sub £200 PVR/DVD Recorder (twin tuner, if in price range) which will give me all the PVR functionality with my Sky free-sat set up?

    I have spent quite a lot of time reading this and other forums and have picked up a number of threads which have moved my knowledge on (eg Guide+ and IR links to set top boxes may be needed) but have not been able to put everything together to confirm that I can do exactly what I want and if so with which Recorder.

    I cannot go for a PVR with freeview and do not want to subscribe to SKY+. Also not to keen to go the Tivo route

    Any advice in this matter would be much appreciated. Many thanks

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