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I have a PC with windows media centre XP and wondered if I could use this to make a PVR which would be a good alternative to something like the Humax 9300T?

The idea would be to get a media centre extender for the living room, because the PC is in another room. Then i would get a dual freeview tuner for the PC.

The link between the PC and the extender would be through my home network. Hopefully wireless, but if the signal is not good enough, then wired.

Has anybody any knowledge or experience of this type of setup? Is it efficient or problematic in any way?

Does anybody know if this type of setup would allow me to browse the web from the extender - general browsing as well as youtube, iplayer, etc.


I cannot comment on the detail, only give a general overview ... and I do not really want to be discouraging ... but a PC solution will never be as simple or reliable as a dedicated machine... In fact they are infamously problematic.

However, if you want to try it, good luck ... and let us know your experiences.... but overall I would recommend the standard PVR approach.

Hopefully there will be others who can comment usefully on what you face.
Have a look in the streamers section too.


Well my views are much the same as Gavtech.
A PC based PVR soloution will offer you a lot more features such as mixing satellite & Freeview recording, more than 2 tuners, media streaming etc etc but it will also require ongoing work to keep it running smoothly (but only after you have managed to get it that way in the first place). Therefore for me it is more trouble than it is worth and so I still use my TiVo as my main PVR with a Toppy 5800 as backup (and fighting with a PCH C-200 for streaming, but that is another story in another section of the forum).
If you want to go down the entertainment PC route then there is a dedicated section of the forum Here where you should bve able to get more specific advice.


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