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Hey all, need a little help with my new toy. From what I understand there is no controlling the geometry on these sets via a remote, actually requires adjusting from the PCB. Not really wanting to go through that every time I switch consoles (this is a retro gaming TV use wise), is there any sort of external scaler/RGB interface with geometry controls on it that I could feed my consoles into before hitting the PVM? Realistically it's not a massive deal I guess but the left shift on the image annoys me and with a monitor of this caliber I want it to be perfect.

I just need something that would give me readily accessible vamp, hamp, vpos and h pos positions really.

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The older Lumagen vision series had output size and position controls that were pretty easy to access and use. Current ones require you to adjust timings of video signal in service menu.

look for Vision HDP, Vision HDP Pro, Vision HDQ all by company called Lumagen. Hope that's of some use.
I would also say that with the HDP it is REALLY important that if you are using any of the analogue video inputs on RCA sockets you MUST make sure everything is turned disconnected from mains power before connecting ir disconnecting leads. Failure to do so may result in damage to the analogue video inputs. The HDQ and HDP Pro use BNC sockets where the earth is made before the signal so they are not at risk.


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Thanks for the reply mate, any idea what i'd be looking at second hand for those older Lumagen models? Can't see any on eBay at the moment.

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