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Aug 29, 2005
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Hello all,

Only second post, but i have been reading many pages/threads for a while now. i, like many others are in the market to buy a new plasma.

i have narrowed it down to pv500 or pio 436. i went in to JL the other day and see some HD stuff on the pv500 (37")(which to someone who hasnt seen HD up and running before was blown away)(it was connected using component).

Incidently they had both 37 " and 42 " in stock (JL Liverpool as of 7/10/05) and also the poi 436 was in stock but that was not on display probably next week (i was told).

scalers/black levels/pixel resolution is all important, but I have a few questions of my own. hopefully owners of either model can answer for me.

Which screen has the best possible picture overall from a number of sources ie. (preferrably through HDMI) which is what i'll be using.


which is best at all of the above? I know this is a subjective thing, but im not talking reviews or whats on paper. im talking personal experience from owners of either. Or should i wait for next years screens that will probably be 1920 x 1080 native resolution for true 1080P (for the future broadcasts). But can the naked eye tell the difference from 10 ft away. Please HELP !!!!!!!

All your comments will be welcomed from a new forum member !!! :lease:
Well, I'm no expert where plasma tv's are cocerned. But in comet where they had the Two side by side, I though the Pioneer 436XDE just edged it where PQ is concerned. So I decided on the 506XDE. But both the Pio and Panny screens looked exellent to me, I'd of been happy with either.
To add another question to this comparison ( without hijacking the thread ) what about the lack of a 2nd hdmi connection on the panny? I am in exactly the same position as you, about to buy my first plasma having recently witnessed the pv500 running a hi-def demo.......well impressed. I have pre-ordered an xbox 360 ( I expect a lot of people here have! ) and intend moving up from ntl cable to sky HD when its available. The panasonic has only 1 hdmi connection and the pioneer has 2, how much of an issue is this? obviously one item could be connected up though component, but is the picture the same as through hdmi? Are there devices on the market to split a hdmi connection to 2 or more sources?

Also are the speakers on the pioneer removable?
There are already switch boxes available, yes. And now there are AV amplifiers with HDMI switching/audio processing. You will then have 1 HDMI connection to the screen, and no other cables, all will route via your amp. You need to leave behind the 'TV' mentality, you have a 'system' not a TV, most material will be in surround sound of some sort. Listen to that nice Mr Lucas, the sound is half the experience! Are you really going to listen to DD soundtracks in dodgy TV speaker stereo?
I already have a DD 6.1 setup thank you, are you saying its obsolete with its optical digital input?

I know you are a top resident at this forum, but following on from your hdmi answer. if you channel all your hdmi inputs through your amp, with 1 output to your screen is there any lose of information at any stage? or is this the idea of hdmi (ie no loss of information because of no analogue to digital/conversion and vice versa?.
'fraid so Kev. But I'm sure you'll manage for a bit yet, no need to be an early adopter with this. Most enthusiasts will need more than 2 HDMI inputs anyway, so ypou'll all be in the same boat. SkyHD, HD-DVD and PS3 will all need HDMI. Maybe a scaler would be the thing for you?
Which begs the question as to why the 500 when the PHD8 is a better panel? Why waste money on built in tuner etc!
Hopefully digital signals will not lose info, using component switching in any decent amp you'd never notice either.
Slow down a sec, now am I right in thinking I can connect sky HD to the pv500 through hdmi, with an optical lead to my av amp, connect xbox 360 to pv500 with component and optical straight to av amp? I didn't intend replacing amp as well, only bought it last year.

ps, what the hell is a scaler?

going back to 1 of my original questions. do you think that the naked eye can tell the difference in resolution from a 720 p signal to a 1080 p/1080 i signal from 10 ft away? ie will i be able to notice the difference in picture quality?
Kev you certainly can do exactly that, that's why your amp is not quite obsolete. If you have a universal remote there is plenty of life in the old dog yet. Till you run out of HDMI inputs really.
Where I come from browneye has a meaning... I think it's unlikely you can tell between 2 different HD feeds, they will both be excellent. The differences between DVD discs, or broadcast bandwidth will have more effect than the signals I'd expect. I must try this with my son's PC I suppose, mine is not up to 1080i.
thanks for the tip maw, must change my email (nickname).

In your opinion overall, which is better the pio or the pv500. Also when are the new models due out each year (is it worth waiting for?) and last question.

will a native 1920 x 1080 filter down to a screen size of 37 " or 42"plasma only (not interested in LCD).

Ha, which is better, neither of the above! I have a topfield as a tuner, why would I want a TV? All video and audio via amp and scaler, all through my sound system, universal remote, I have a panel only plasma. I'm not an XDE fan at all, and the PV500 is a rotten custom install product. No need for all that clag, and it sticks out from the wall like a spare p*** at a wedding. Not to mention any reliability/quality control issues. The XDE is better for wall mounting, but really only shines with digital inputs, and even then I just don't like it. You might, though so give it an audition.
ok maw, im no expert (as you probably have guessed), but if i go down the scaler/panel only route. how much to get a decent set up in realistic terms. could £3,500 do it, or im I dreaming.

also since i don know anything about scalers/panel only and the like who would install all this high tech stuff?. were would it be a good place to start?
£3500 would get you well down the road, iscan HD or Lumagen DVI, and PHD8 panel, universal remote, and probably an amp too. Not allowed to quote in forum. MXE1 panel is another option, there are good and bad in each, naturally. Just to make it hard to choose! The MXE1 would need an HDCP stripper, it's not HDCP, but does native at 50Hz, which is marvellous. PHD currenty is thought not to do native at all on digital, but does a brilliant job on analogue. I have had no time with mine to experiement, so not in a position to comment re. native res.
.......and in English? :D only joking although I didn't understand half of that Maw! . Assuming a max layout of around £2.5k, and a 42" plasma is required, what do you recommend? I'm assuming the panel/scaler ( wtf is that anyway? ) route is out of the question.

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