PV500 Suck Test Pattern-Help!!!


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Feb 19, 2005
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I've owned my plasma 3 months and have entering into the service menu 1 on my pv500 several times over the months to display the white test pattern which i use to clear any image retention.

The problem is last night i put the white test pattern on, the TV went into standby and now it's stuck on the white pattern.I've tried 'N' remote button,unplugging the TV for a few hours but it will not revert back.Does anyone know a fix to remove the white test pattern or have i damaged the screen.BTW everything is running OK behind the white screen ?
You may need to call Panasonic. Only problem is there is a record of how many times you have used this so they may charge you for the callout, try and get someone to get you out of that screen over the phone if possible.

And have a look on www.avsforum.com for any ideas.
Crank, forums like this could really do without Doyles like you.If you haven't got anything constructive to post why bother, just trying to boost your post count are you mate.
Korum i was genuinely concerned as i know if that was me i'd be in tears now and be extremely ****** off as i went into the service menu the other day and obviously not knowing what i was doing got stuck on a paticular screen for 10mins.I switched the tv off for an hour at the mains and the display had come out of the service menu when i turned it back on.I was literaly trying to give someone a push that may have been able to help.I come on these forums for a little banter and to gain AV know how as i know very little.Yes i now realise that this was not the place to act the "doyle!" and for this i apologise (i should have known better especialy as i was in simular position at the beginig of the week),but i was genuinely conerned :) As for wanting to push my thread score up ,what for ? i did'nt realise there was a competition on to gain the highest score :oops: I certainly would'nt beleive i was "Mr know how",as ive said i know very lttle.Again " SORRY !"
Sorry Crank, I just thought you were taking the Mick and I'm seriously p***ed off with what I've done, I just hope someone can get me out of this screen or I'm gonna have to tell panny what I've been doing or I just play dumb with them. I don't know what to do yet.
Korum why not try dropping Gordon or Piers an email these guys should know they tend to delve deep into the unknown :smashin:
I've sorted it out, thanks for the advice lads. I actually had to enter the sound settings for service access, enter the service menu on the correct channel, select test pattern and flick back to the normal viewing screen without being able to see any of these settings on screen. It is a damn sight harder than it sounds when you have invisible menu's !!!

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