PV500 repair advice needed urgent!


Just came home to find a message on my answer phone from the repair company informing me my TV has been repaired and ready to be delivered. This was done under JL guarantee
States they have fitted a new on off button and a new power supply.

Original faults were colour and brightness dimming to almost B&W. Losing a terrestial channel while watching which just goes to snow for about 20-30 mins. Both these faulys are intermittent. Final problems happened over last few weeks is the sound distorting and fading away so it's barely audible and the right hand speaker resonates under certain frequencies. The on off button no longer worked either.
Also says they have made a few adjustments, but can't find anything wrong with the colour problem, though they said "we might have disturbed something while we were doing some checks". No mention of the problem with the sound.
It feels like they don't have a clue as to what's causing the problems and l'm being fobbed off regarding the power supply.
l don't know anything about electronics, but have seen such programmes as rogue traders, and the " we've fitted a new power supply" seems to be a common so called fix. Not sure what this has to do with the original problems, so can anyone with some knowledge shed some light on this please, as l plan to phone them today. It would be good if l could have some info regarding this so called repair and if it has any relevance to the original problems. I've added my original post on the subject of the guarantee.

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I've had this plasma for nearly 4 years, which was purchased from JL. After having it for around 3 months l had problems with what l can only describe as the colour, brightness etc dimming right down, to the point it was almost black and white. The only way to get the colour etc is to change channel. Also when watching terrestial channels the picture would just become snow. At 1st l thought this was down to the transmitter, but eventually pinned it down to a problem with the TV. Both these faults were intermittent

I called JL who sent out an engineer. I was advised that he could take the TV away for 3 weeks, but that if they didn't actually see the faults he'd just bring it back. Due to them not offering me a courtesy TV l decided against him taking it away. Since then, these problems happen off and on every few weeks.

Over the last few weeks, the on off button no longer works, the right hand speaker resonates at certain frequencies, and from time to time, the sound distorts and fades away to almost nothing.

I called JL, and told them I wasn't happy with the TV, and that due to the mounting problems I didn't see why I should accept a repair form a TV that cost over £2500. I waa told they'd have to send an engineer anyway.

As luck would have it, the colour went last weekend, and l managed to video it with a camcorder as proof of that particular problem. When the engineers arrived, he said it just needs a new switch and a good service as he put it. I showed him the video of the problem, but he didn't seem interested.
I then spoke to the manager of the repair shop the following day to see if they had any ideas as to what could be causing the problems.

He informed me they would be fitting a new swich, and watching the TV to see if any of the problems actually happened whilst they had it. I was told if they didn't see the problems, and as they're intermttent l'd just get the TV back.

In my ignorance of not knowing much about electronics, I'd still have thought if you've been shown a video of the problem, and have the others described, then surely an expert should have an idea of what areas could be at fault.

Can someone please advise me of my rights, should the worst case senario arise and they don't actually get to the bottom of the faults. i.e would I be within my rights to contact JL and tell them I don't want the TV back unless it is repaired properly?

Sorry for the longwinded post, but only way to put you in the picture excuse pun.




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im no expert but from reading the threads on faulty sky hd boxes, i know that a faulty power supply unit can cause all sorts of problems you wouldn't normally associate with a faulty PSU, my computer had a faulty PSU once and that was doing some strange things. i would just get it back and see what happens, if it is still faulty then get them to look at it again, but you may be surprised what changing a PSU can do.


Tried to ring them this afternoon, but only got answer phone, so have to wait till tomorrow. l'll just have to try it and see what happens, but don't have much faith, as they don't seem to have any firm ideas.


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How did this resolve?


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I always find a quick chat with your local Trading Standards usually informs you of your rights.
I believe that you cant demand a new tv but you can expect it to be repaired. If they cant repair it then they can, i believe, offer you a proportion of the original TV cost. I believe a TV should be expected to last 6 years so for each year you have had it it looses 1/6 of its value.

So I would wait and see if its fixed. JL are a reputable company. If it comes back still faults ring JL and have a very polite chat. Keep calm and polite and say that you dont trust the 'repair' company as they failed to fix it first time. So could they either get someone else to repair it or will they replace it with an equivalent model.
Overall keep calm and polite, you usually get a better result.

I bought an Acoustic solutions 42"plasma in Sept 06 it failed in Nov 07, I spoke to seller and after it was found unfixable it was replaced with a Philips. Then last week the Philips died, again I spoke to seller and had to get a company to provide a report into fault and it was beyond economic repair so it has been replaced by a Panasonic 42" Plasma.

Both replacements have been provided even though I do not have any extended guarantees warrantes etc. The seller is ARGOS !!!!

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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