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PV500 or PHD8

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by iangilroy, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. iangilroy


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    I'm currently trying to decide which way to go so any help would be appreciated. I have a 42PE30 at the moment.

    In terms of stuff that I need to plug into the new screen, I have:

    1. Component (RCA) from Denon 2805 - switches DVD player and Gamecube
    2. RGB SCART - from switcher with various consoles attached
    3. Another RGB SCART - from Sky digibox
    4. VGA - from laptop (occasionally)

    My initial thought was that with a PHD8 I'd need a component (RCA), SCART and HDMI boards. The HDMI board isn't needed today but I'll need one before long. Using the VGA port with a JS box is an interesting idea but am I right in thinking that I'd lose widescreen switching? If so, that's a pain in the arse. Is the SCART board on 8th gen Pannys that much worse than JS -> VGA?

    In many ways I'm tempted to go for the PV500 as it's pretty much a straight swap, will take 5 minutes to set up and it just does a lot more than the PHD8. By that I mean it has lots of inputs, analogue TV (I use channel 4 teletext every day for pages not available anywhere else), freeview (hardly ever use this though), SD slot, recording timers etc etc.

    On the other hand, I prefer the look of the PHD8. The stories about image retention, the line problem and so on on the PV500 have concerned me a bit. I've also read - and this is something that I'd really appreciate comments on - that the PHD8 might display a better picture. I'm not sure if that's just based on it having more tweaking options or whether there really is a material difference in the panels used for each model.

    The price of each is about the same. So...are there any convincing arguments around things like faults or performance that I should be taking into account?

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