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Dec 29, 2004
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Just wondering if anyone has taken delivery of a Panny in the last week. Have they noticed any of the known problems that have affected SOME on this forums.

Just curious as to wether Panasonic have attempted to fix certain things in this latest batch, i.e. buzz or anything else for that matter
Got my 37" PV500 last Thursday from a Panasonic dealer (so it's a genuine UK model!).
I haven't noticed the contrast change or the horizontal line. There is a very slight "buzzing" (well, it's not actually what I'd call a buzzing) but it's only noticeable if you mute the sound. Under normal viewing, or very quiet scene's it's not a problem. Unless you spend all your time hanging around the back where the cooling fan is you just won't notice it.

One thing that may make it louder or quieter is where the screen is positioned. Sounds daft, but certain positions in a room could 'enhance' the sound of the air being moved by the fan, in a similar way as speaker placement makes a difference....too close or too far away from a wall if you have rear ported speakers :lesson:
Good to hear that theres no sign of the line or contrast change. I for one believe that you shouldnt see the line if the TV is working properly. Will report on my 42" at the end of the week. Well excited just need to get off this oil rig now!
tscotsman said:
Good to hear that theres no sign of the line or contrast change. I for one believe that you shouldnt see the line if the TV is working properly.

The thing is that at first you won´t notice those things...

I started to see the horizontal line just some weeks ago... but it´s not too often, luckily.
tscotsman, have you had a confirmed delivery date yet? my estimated delivery has just been put back another week. That will make it exactly three months :rolleyes:. Anybody who has seen any of my other replies, my brother in law had his heating and wiring installed in his house just last week. Three months ago the site was a field! The race is on to see what happens first, I get the pv500 or he moves in. How sad is that!!! (before anybody says, I know a plasma panel is more complex than a brick!)
tscotsman said:
Good to hear that theres no sign of the line or contrast change. I for one believe that you shouldnt see the line if the TV is working properly. Will report on my 42" at the end of the week. Well excited just need to get off this oil rig now!
Got to say ive had mine 3 month now had never seen this line :D The only thing i have suffered from is image retention from white logos in the top half of the screen when these channels have been veiwed for an hour or so.These always dissapear after a while though so i don't worry about them :rotfl: I have to say tscotsman im excited for you even more so cos i know what a purchase you've made :smashin: But how will you leave your baby behind when its time to return to work :eek:
Yes delivery confirmed for Thursday. Only problem is I need a pedestal stand and noone has any, JL dont know when they will be getting them. Someone from here has offered me one for £80.
OK, I'm going to get on to Empire Direct now and give them some serious grief. Make sure you post some pics when you have it up and running.
tscotsman said:
Someone from here has offered me one for £80.
Take it!! If you can't get one anywhere £80 seems very fair wether it new or second hand.I mean how battered can a pedestal stand get they don't get touched so will look new anyway :smashin:
guy told me he hasnt even touched it, so i think ill go for it. As for photos, yes I will organize that at the weekend, as Ill need to calibrate using DVE when I get a chance. Im going to be off for about a week to run it in and watch loads of films, since Im just getting back from offshore.
Tscotsman, glad you told me your delivery had been confirmed. I got on the phone to Empire yesterday to have a blast at someone important and guess what.... pv500 despatched yesterday and delivery will be Thursday AM :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I am one happy bunny :D
so glad I could be of assistance :D I dont think we will be spending much time on this forum board on Thursday, too busy drooling over our new TV's. Heres Hoping that you aswell as me dont have any problems with it, thats the last thing we need. :suicide:

Well we will both have to post our photos when we get everything setup, did you go for wall bracked or Ped or Cab?

Hoping that Gavin gets me the stand here by Friday at the latest :lease: , decided I would get it from him, as god know how long Panasonic are gonna take with it :rolleyes:
I went for wall bracket. Even though it will be above a mantle piece (cue recoil in horror by purists!) space was an issue but if I'm going to spend that much on a screen, I was going to make damn sure it was the size I wanted!

As for problems, fingers crossed that the delays have been caused due to Panasonic sorting some out for newer batches. I for one am not going to waste time looking. If I see them, so be it and I'll worry about it at the time. In the meantime, I'm pretty sure we will both enjoy starting to watch entire DVD collections again! :smashin:

Just out of curiosity, were you going to calibrate using DVE immediately? I have the Avia DVD which I used on my Quintrix set and worked well, but I thought you had to leave plasma contrast/brightness artificially low while running in???
Ive been told to give it 50hrs before using DVE. Ill just keep brightness and contrast down. I might use the THX optimizer to begin with. I had Avia aswell, burned it on a DVD somewhere and cant find it now. DVE has quite possibly the worst menu Ive ever seen for a DVD.
50 hours wouldn't be too long to wait. I reckon I'll have racked up that time by the end of the weekend if I can send the missus out shopping ;) .
Just got my PV500 yesterday and guess what, can see the horizontal line, dead centre. I FEEL SICK! not sure what to do. You cant see it 95% of time when viewing nearly all dvds, sky tv etc or even static menus really. I found it when looking at a test pattern on a setup disk. Interestingly you can not see it on each of the patterns! black and white patterns various types CAN NOT see it.

Can however see it perfectly when using a 5 colour VERTICAL bar pattern.

Before everyone sais who cares because can see it on test pattern, i can see it on light blues such as sea. E.g FInding Nemo. I am not compulsive viewer of test patterns, was only trying to set it up properly.

As others have mentioned on other comments about the line, is it on every PV500? (Even if it doesnt bother you at all, doesnt effect you at all etc., is it evident on a multi colour Vertical test pattern? )

If it is, then fine i can accept it as a design fault and live with it. If not i would like to get a replacement. I just dont want to go through that if it is the same on all and is part of the design. I know lots of people have said no cant see it, but i dont think you were actively looking for it?

Anyway, any views greatly appreciated. Ps it was from the latest John Lewis Batch. It does also buzz but expect that to be the case.

Oaker i would take that test pattern DVD and test it on their display Pv500, if it is has it then we can say 100% that it is there on all PV500's as i suspect anyway.
ive never noticed the line, heres hoping my new one also doesnt have it!
I haven't noticed a line on mine either... had it for a couple of months but only in the last few days has it been turned on! (Room just wasn't ready lol) and one concern... is a bloody buzzing :-( Didn't reeeally notice it last couple of nights but tonight it seemed a fair bit louder than usual... outrageously good picture though via HDMI from a Denon 3910 :) But the buzz....

Ive seen the line once when there was absolutely no signal and i was right near the tv...but for the life of me i just cant see it during normal viewing on anything...maybe im easy to please lol
I should have mine on saturday i think.
Is anyone worried about watching movies on their PV500 that have borders on top and bottom? Since the manual says don't use 4:3 mode too long due to burn in, doesn't the same apply for movies like that?

Also how long would people estimate it is safe to view in 4:3 mode?

im not worried about watching films like that cause its only gonna be for about 1.5 hours, but while run in, i would zoom and dont watch any 4:3 zoom so it fills the whole screen.
Had my 42" three months and never noticed the line (or any other problems). Mind you, I haven't gone looking for it...
just got my new one looking great, no dead pixels, no line, a little bit noisier with the buzz but if you dont have your head round the back and volume turned down, then you cant hear it! nothing to detract from normal viewing so far!

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