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Just a notice after a few weeks usage of the contrast issue with PV500's:

I've noticed that it depends on the source of the material i.e. DVD, XBOX, PC and how it's connected i.e. SCART/RGB, Component, VGA/HDMI.

The problem is most noticable when using SCART/RGB...

I ran Sopranos DVD 1 Season 2, first episode, there is many light/dark scene changes that were bugging me on my DK Digital Divx/DVD player, I popped this in the pc via vga/dvi - HDMI and did not notice any problems.

Tried another DVD player (Better One, with Better Scart), results show that the light change is still there but it not as noticable as before.

It maybe the case to get your equipment setup to match your PV500 to eliminate such problems.

Just something I've picked up.

I'm very happy with the TV, just need a few work arounds to solve the issues.


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Its the same with my PHD8. Through component it is quite noticable, although it is a lot better since it was isf calibrated.
But playing dvds through pc on dvi i dont notice it at all.


I have to disagree.

I run my PV500 with HDMI/DVI all the time when watching HD stuff and I got heavy contrast changes, depending on the material.

Also happens with DVD/TV... it really depends on the movie. It is really easy to spot with 2.35:1 movies...


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Do you guy notice anything on the freeview? I have no contrast change whatsoever, even when playing my PS2 via scart
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