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Hi All,

I am looking to buy 37PV500 and have read all the threads reviews etc and am fairly settled on it. There is one question that I cannot find answered anywhere and that is how much record time is there on either a 1GB or 2GB SD card?

I have read that you can record in MPEG4 onto the SDCard but this doesn't tell you how long you get. Does anyone know how much time you can get on a 1GB or 2GB card?

Would be very grateful for any info!!

Many Thanks



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Skeets_de said:
Don't worry about it, the SD recording quality is abysmal. :thumbsdow
Might look OK thoughplayed back on say an iPaq pocket PC ?


mal600908 said:
If you have any more questions, let me know and I will put it on the list.

Aspect setting in media player:

Go to: Tools, Options, Devices, highligh display and click properties, you can then set you aspect, on the 42" it is 1.33 when outputting 1024 x 768 resolution, that way you still get 1:1 pixel mapping and the correct aspect when watching films.

Hi There I just hooked up my PC to the PV500 and proceeded to play some movies however the resolution and colour scheme as well as clarity of DVD was awfull on my 19" TFT the movie is perfect I am sure I am missing a codec so I have gone and installed the Ace Mega Codecs however I still have the issue... Any Ideas? I saw this above and when I did it I am still left with the issue...



Does anyone know where to find the screen wash function in the service menu TH42PV500 ???


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-My 37PV500 have a "slight overscan" with RGB setup from the SAT-box.

How to adjust that, any "secret menu" or?

Thanks for yours input/advise in advance!

/Lennart Jönsson from Sweden


How do you lot think the PV500 does with SDTV? Does it do a good job upscaling or does the PE50 look better for SD-material?


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Thought that I would contribute to this thread and share my experiences. Since july this year I have had a Panasonic 42PV500 and was very pleased with it, especially the picture quality. However after a few weeks of ownership I became aware that there was a buzz from the back which eventually drove me mad. After a number of visits from JL engineers, including them swapping a board and umpteen e-mails to Panasonic I agreed with JL that they take the unit back. Reasons from JL and Panasonic being that all Plasmas buzz and that I would have to live with it, which I considered a bit rich since I could hear from 13 feet away.
Anyhow my Panasonic is now back with JL. Who were much better than Panasonic and agreed to either give me my money back or let me chose another make and model. I now have my money returned and I will be ordering a Pioneer 506XDE. I have spent spent a lot of time in my local dealer in their quiet viewing room making sure that it does not buzz.
The other comments on this thread about some of the PV500 quirks are spot on, these in my mind are:-
1) The input selection was totally bizarre, to the point that I had to purchase a Harmony 885 remote to do the switching for the wife and kids. They could never figure out how to switch between the devices
2) The buzz really drove me mad
3) The unit would always return to default picture settings, contrast etc, after using the PiP
4) Finding how easily the plasma burned an image i.e CBBBC etc after only an hour

The good points were the picture quality and sound both were excellent. Overall after four months with the product I though that it was nearly there but with a number of serious flaws for long term ownership. That in the end I voted with pocket and took my custom elsewhere...

So now I await the delivery of the Pioneer for the next stage of my Plasma saga


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I have the 42PV500, it's about 6 weeks old now and I love it.

I notice the buzz when I'm really close to the TV but not otherwise. HD images look amazing and SD images look extremely good from normal viewing distances.

One question though.

I have the Sony 910 DVD recorder with HDMI out. The DVD player has various options for playing out through the HDMI.

1. Auto
2. 1080i
3. 720p
4. 576i

At the moment I set it to Auto. I suspect that if I choose say 720p, the DVD machine will do the upscaling for me, whereas if I play it out over 576i, the TV will do the upscaling. Is that right?


hi people,
just a quick hello to you all and to say that after all of your reviews and pics i am now the pround owner of a sexy 42pv500, wall mounted on a vogel's 6345 flagship wall mount.This is hung over my trusty sony strdb940 amp powering Mission 773 floorstanders 77ds bi polar rears 77centre and a yamaha 160 sub.Sony GX-7
Sony sat and PS2.
Will post some pics when everything is tidied up(as usual couldn't wait)
talk to you soon

MOD EDIT: I've seperated all the questions and answer which were attached to the FAQ thread to keep it clean whilst it's being updated


Two questions about 42PV500:

1) Is it possible to turn on (from standby) 42PV500 by sat-receiver connected on scart? On my old Philips TV this feature worked well. When TV was in stand by and I turned on sat receiver and it automactically turned on TV from standby. Is it possible to do so on 42PV500?

2) And there some quiet whistle (like from the wind) from right speaker, regardless of volume or connected media. Is it normal? Any one had the same problem? How to fix it?


I´ve had my PV500 for about 6 month and I think it´s a really good panel. But for a week ago it lost all the picturesettings. I adjused them and I´m pretty sure I got it like i had it before, but I can´t get the picture as good as it were before. I´m spendeing the evenings adjusting but I can´t get it right. There are blockings in dark areas of the picture and faces look no good, it looks like my old Samsung S5HX wich I did NOT like.

Has somebody else experienced this??
Is there any way I can reset the panel???

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